Installation Guide

This guide explains how to download and safely install all CopyTrans software on your PC. The installation takes less than 2 minutes after which you can start using the programs. Watch our YouTube tutorial: Or follow the steps below: Start by downloading the CopyTrans Control Center Installer. Run the installer. If the following message shows […]

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How long is a CopyTrans license valid for?

The purchase of a license gives you the right to use the CopyTrans programs for an unlimited period of time and updating to all newer versions for a period of two years following the date of purchase. Past this two-year time period, you will be able to use the latest version you updated to free […]

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CopyTrans Troubleshooting

Welcome to CopyTrans support page. It contains a collection of the most common support cases prepared by our customer support agents. You will mostly likely find everything you need on this page. Please use the main Table of contents to navigate through this guide. We recommend you starting from the First Aid section. If your […]

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