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How to back up text messages on iPhone

It is recommended to back up your iPhone every two weeks. If you’re wondering how to back up text messages on iPhone without creating a full backup each time and view iPhone messages on PC, you’ve come to the right place! It’s actually really easy to save messages from iPhone (SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber, Line […]

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CopyTrans Contacts User Guides

Select a feature below: Contacts Messages Notes Calendars Device Info Cloud connectivity Troubleshooting Video tutorials Contacts Manage iPhone contacts How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad How to copy iPhone contacts to computer How to import contacts to iPhone How to restore contacts on iPhone How […]

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How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Hello, I finally decided to switch from Android to iPhone. I switched my SIM card, but contacts were not transferred with the SIM. How do I transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? Rgds, Alan When switching from Android to iPhone you are probably thinking about saving your address book first. It’s actually pretty easy to […]

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Import contacts to Outlook

You can easily import contacts to Outlook using CopyTrans Contacts. Unlike other transfer methods such as CSV file transfer, CopyTrans Contacts will copy all contact details to Outlook including contact photos, phone numbers, emails and more… In this guide you will learn how to import contacts into Outlook in just a few clicks. Choose your […]

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Export Outlook Contacts

In this article, we demonstrate how to export Outlook contacts to iPhone and provide some tips for the Outlook contacts not syncing with iPhone issue. Outlook contacts not syncing with iPhone Export Outlook contacts to iPhone: automatic way Export Outlook contacts to iPhone: manual way + for Outlook Web users Both ways allow you to […]

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YouTube video guides for CopyTrans Contacts

In this article we will continuously add new short video tutorials for CopyTrans Contacts. By clicking one of the links below, you will be redirected to the related video on YouTube. Contacts Messages Notes Calendars Bookmarks Other video guides Step-by-step tutorials Contacts Transfer contacts between Outlook and iPhone How to import iPhone contacts to Outlook […]

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How to export Yahoo contacts

This quick guide shows how to export yahoo contacts and upload them to your iPhone using CopyTrans Contacts. The process contains two steps: Export Yahoo contacts to a PC. Upload Yahoo contacts from the PC to your iPhone. Export Yahoo contacts Log in to your Yahoo account and navigate to the contacts tab.Click the button […]

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I don’t see iPhone text messages in CopyTrans Contacts

It may take quite a while for CopyTrans Contacts to load your conversations. The loading time depends on the number of messages in your threads. However, if you don’t see your iPhone texts in CopyTrans Contacts after the program has finished loading data, this guide will come in handy. Below we will discuss the majority […]

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Importing Gmail contacts to iCloud

Syncing Gmail and iCloud contacts to iPhone is easy, but importing Gmail contacts to iCloud requires more time and effort. The only “natural” way do it is to export Gmail contacts to a computer as vCard files, then manually transfer these contacts to iCloud. But great news – with CopyTrans Contacts, you can easily sync […]

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How to print from iPhone

Apple introduced AirPrint to answer the question of millions of iPhone users “how to print from iPhone?” But AirPrint is not always the answer. The common issues are AirPrint not working, or no AirPrint printers found. The issues you may face when trying to print from iPhone: ✘ Printer does not support AirPlay ✘ Connectivity […]

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