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In the vast majority of cases, you can solve this issue quickly as described below:

If your iPhone is synced with iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo accounts:

Please set up iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo account in CopyTrans Contacts by following this guide.

If your iPhone is synced with Exchange:

The latest version of CopyTrans Contacts supports Exchange contacts. So if you do not see your Exchange contacts, please make sure you are using the latest version of the program and update if needed.

Please be patient and wait until the contacts loading completes. Note that Exchange contacts load only after the text messages are listed. In most cases, contacts sourced from Exchange are loaded swiftly. However the process may take up to 20 minutes depending on the amount of messages.

If your CopyTrans Contacts is up-to-date but you still do not see your Exchange contacts, it may be that the iOS backup files on your iPhone from where Exchange contact information is sourced are encrypted. In this case, please enter the iOS backup encryption password.

My contacts are still not detected

If CopyTrans Contacts still does not detect your iPhone contacts, please contact our Support Team by email. We’ll gladly help you. We’ll be more effective if you:

  • Attach the log files to the email. To do so, please download this utility, run it and click on “Save log files” button to create an archive named “CopyTrans_Suite_Logs.zipped” with all our programs log files. It will be stored on your Desktop.

  • Describe the problem mention what you tried to achieve, what you did and what failed.

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