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In most situations, the issue can be resolved with one of the following suggestions:

Be patient

Upon launching the program for the first time, please be patient and wait until CopyTrans Contacts finishes loading all your data. At this point, the program is pulling all the contacts, messages, notes, etc. from your iPhone and forming a local backup to protect your data in case any of the operations goes wrong. Forming a local backup will take a while, but it will only be this long once: all the next launches will be much quicker. So, do not disconnect device or try to operate the program until the loading icon disappears:

CopyTrans Contacts loading contacts

If your iPhone is synced with iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo accounts:

See our guide on how to enable iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo account in CopyTrans Contacts.

If your iPhone is synced with Exchange:

Upon launching the program for the first time, please be patient and wait until CopyTrans Contacts finishes loading all your contacts, messages, etc. Note that Exchange contacts load only after the text messages are listed. In most cases, contacts sourced from Exchange are loaded swiftly. Still, depending on the number of messages, the process may take up to 20 minutes.

If your CopyTrans Contacts is up-to-date but you still do not see your Exchange contacts, it may be that the iOS backup files on your iPhone from where Exchange contact information is sourced are encrypted. In this case, please type in the iOS backup encryption password. If you are not sure what this password is or why the program asks for it, please see our article on why CopyTrans Contacts is asking for a password.

My contacts are still not detected

If your contacts are still not detected by CopyTrans Contacts, please contact our Support Team at copytrans@copytrans.net. We will gladly help you. To make sure we succeed:

  • Attach your log files to the email. To generate log files, please download CopyTrans Log Packer, run it and click on the “Save log files” button. The program will create an archive named “CopyTrans_Suite_Logs.zipped” with log files for all our programs. By default, the file will be placed on your Desktop. Please send the file generated as an attachment to your email.

  • Include a brief description of the problem: the name of the program you used (CopyTrans Contacts), what you were trying to do and what seems to be the problem with the result.

We will do our best to help!

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