Trust computer iPhone

The iPhone trust computer alert is an important security measure on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It will ask you to allow the computer to access data on your device before you can use it. The prompt message appears on the iPhone and prevents unauthorized computers from accessing your iPhone data. Issues that users […]

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How to backup contacts on iPhone

This guide covers an easy way to back up contacts on iPhone to a computer including ✓ all phone numbers, ✓ emails, ✓ photos, ✓ addresses, ✓ birthdays, and other notes. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how to restore iPhone contacts from backup to the PC. To find out how to copy contacts from […]

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How to restore iPhone without iTunes?

Predicaments do happen in the lifes of iPhone owners sometimes. And if iTunes lets you down (or if you’re not a fan), a question arises: how to restore iPhone without iTunes? This article suggests one effective way to restore iPhone from backup – CopyTrans Shelbee. It is capable of both full and partial (selective data) […]

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How to backup apps on iPhone

This quick guide demonstrates how to backup apps on iPhone. The method is independent of iTunes that allows you to have full control over what apps and app preferences to install on your iPhone. If you want to save a certain app version or back an app up in case it’s discontinued, this guide will […]

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What does CopyTrans Shelbee backup include?

Performing regular backups is extremeley important! We encourage people to stay outside of Apple’s ecosystem by creating software that completely substitutes iTunes. For your backup and restore needs we have created CopyTrans Shelbee. CopyTrans Shelbee does everything iTunes does and more. And it does it in a much more user-friendly and efficient manner.   Why […]

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About encrypted iTunes backup and CopyTrans Shelbee

CopyTrans Shelbee allows you to secure the backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with an iOS password. In addition to other iOS content, backups secured with a password may contain: 🔸 iPhone passwords for Wi-Fi; 🔸 email accounts; 🔸 websites; 🔸 and some apps. If you are not sure this is what you […]

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iPhone backup failed

iPhone backup failed – no worries! iCloud backup is not perfect, we wrote about its pros and cons before. You might have already encountered that annoying popup after iCloud backup failed: “This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available”. To back up the iPhone with iCloud, the following simple […]

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How to delete apps on iPhone?

There are actually several ways to uninstall apps from iPhone: if you want to simply clean your iPhone Home screen, use an option of hiding apps. If you want to optimize iPhone performance, permanently delete an app with all its data. It can improve the efficiency of usage by allowing one to quickly access content […]

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Turn OFF Find My iPhone

📍 The “Find My” is a very useful feature designed to help you locate your Apple devices. Previously known as “Find my iPhone”, it was renamed with the release of iOS 13, since it now works with your iPad, AirPod, Apple Watch, and MacBook. You can use “Find My iPhone” from computer or any other […]

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