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This article explains how to install the iOS drivers that are required for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to be recognized on Windows without installing iTunes. Missing drivers are the most common reason iPhones are not recognized by the computer.

Install iOS drivers

YouTube tutorial

Install iOS drivers

Step-by-step installation:

  1. Download our free utility CopyTrans Drivers Installer that will automatically install the drivers for you.

    Download CopyTrans Drivers Installer

  2. Extract the program from the ZIP.

  3. Run CopyTrans Drivers Installer. Read and accept the License agreement. ctdi license agreement ios drivers

  4. Uninstall iTunes and any other Apple software for CopyTrans Drivers Installer to download the drivers correctly.
    NOTE: your iTunes library won’t be affected. ctdi uninstall itunes drivers
    TIP: if you just want to uninstall iTunes, click “Back” or close the window. ctdi install itunes from computer

  5. Start the installation by clicking “Install”. ctdi install drivers to recognise apple device

  6. CopyTrans Drivers Installer requires an Internet connection to download the drivers. Make sure you let the program through your firewall. If your Internet connection uses a proxy, you can configure proxy settings in CopyTrans Drivers Installer manually.

    TIP: If you want to control the installation process, click “You can click here to select the drivers manually” instead.

  7. The installation of the drivers is complete. You can now use the CopyTrans products. ctdi installation is complete

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