how to fix iphone not recognized

Solved: computer and iTunes not recognizing iPhone. All you need to know to get it fixed.

We get countless requests from people worried they can’t sync their iPhone because it is not recognized by the PC. Over the years, we grew pretty good at helping folks get their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices detected on Windows computers including Windows 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP and soon, Windows 10.

We summarized all the solutions that have been known to work in the article below. Get your iPhone ready and let’s begin.

The basics

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to fly over what appears to be an insurmountable hurdle. Experienced pilots know how important following a strict checklist is in case of emergency. We advise you to do the same and before you continue, make sure you checked every item in the list below.

  • Disconnect iPhone and restart the PC
  • Restart the iPhone
  • Ensure that Windows is up to date windows update instructions
  • Close all running programs on the PC
  • Temporarily disable security software (antivirus and firewall). These could be preventing PC access to your iPhone
  • Check the USB cable and confirm that it is not damaged.
  • Use an original Apple cable. Non-genuine cables are cheaper but don’t last long, plus they might damage your battery.
  • Try using another USB cable
  • Check whether both the USB slot on the PC and the iPhone USB connector are free from damage and dirt
  • If Auto-Lock is on, unlock the iPhone with your Passcode
  • Make sure the iPhone is showing the Home Screen
  • Reconnect the iPhone to the PC via the USB cable
  • Do not use external USB-hubs but connect the iPhone to one of the slots located directly on the computer
  • If you have a desktop PC, connect the iPhone to a slot located on the back of the motherboard
  • If prompted by the iPhone, trust the computer
  • Give the PC some minutes to recognize the device upon connecting
  • Unlock iPhone and leave it unlocked before connecting it to your computer (life-hack from one of our users)
  • Open “My Computer” and ensure you see the device as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and not as an imaging device or as a folder iphone icon appearing under my computer
  • The iPhone is still not detected? Continue on with the instructions below.

iPhone drivers and Windows PCs

Windows computers require iOS drivers to correctly recognize iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. If your iPhone is still not detected, chances are that the drivers are not installed, outdated, or are misconfigured. The drivers come installed with iTunes but if you don’t intend to use or install iTunes on your PC, there are alternative methods to get the iOS drivers.

Install the iOS drivers without iTunes

copytrans drivers installer icon Many people find iTunes bulky to install and complicated to use. This is why we developed a free tool to get the iOS drivers without iTunes and to have the iPhone recognized in minutes. The CopyTrans Drivers Installer installs the necessary drivers automatically. Here’s how to do so.

How to install iPhone drivers without installing iTunes copytrans drivers installer main window

Install, update or repair the iOS drivers via iTunes

I don’t have iTunes installed

If you don’t have iTunes installed on the PC, the computer will detect the iPhone but incorrectly – as a camera device. The problem is that when you connect the iPhone, you can access only the Camera Roll. You can neither view, nor sync or backup iPhone music, videos, messages or any other iPhone content. device is ready to use windows prompt

To get the iOS drivers with iTunes, download it from the following page and install it:

If you experience troubles installing iTunes, continue to the following section:
I have a problem installing iTunes.

I already have iTunes installed

The version of iTunes you have could be outdated. In this case, it may not support your iPhone. Update iTunes by navigating to Help > Check for Updates itunes mainwindow check for updates

My iTunes is installed and up to date but my iPhone is still not recognized

Even if iTunes is installed and up to date, there may still be trouble with the iOS drivers on the PC. In this case, we recommend the following.

  1. Fully uninstall iTunes and all its components by following this tutorial

    NOTE: uninstalling iTunes won’t delete the contents of your iTunes library

  2. Restart the PC
  3. Reinstall iTunes
  4. Check whether the iPhone is now correctly detected.

I still have a problem

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, the pesky problem persists. This section is for those of you who…

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  • Dadedidodu

    still doesnt work. ive done everything. my iphone charges tho. help me pls :(((

  • CuriousityGotTheBetterOfMe

    I tried to update my iPhone to ios 9, and it went into recovery mode, and is now no longer shows up in my laptop as a device. I’ve tried all the programs, and the method above uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver. Nothing helps.


    • Hi, you must use iTunes to restore the device to factory settings when in Recovery Mode. This is the only way, I’m afraid.

  • ashish

    when i start copytrans manager then i get the error saying “The procsedure entry Getlogicprocessorinformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.” folloed by “the ios drivers are incorrectly installed. Please reinstall them”. I have installed them many times but the error persists. Please help.

  • Rivka

    Hi. My pc wasn’t recognizing my iphone, so I disabled AVG, re-installed itunes and then the drivers. But there is an “!” next to “Apple mobile device usb driver” and I can’t seem to solve it. I can’t hit ‘enable’ as the option is to ‘disable’. Thoughts?

  • Bjørn Johnsen

    My PC recognizes my iPhone 6, but iTunes has stopped recognizing it. Have latest iTunes and PC is updated. iTunes recognizes iPad (with same lightning cable) and other devices, all of a sudden it doesn’t recognize iPhone. Please help 🙂 Have also tried to roll back iTunes to an earlier version but same problem there. Is it a driver problem? Remember my PC recognizes the iPhone..

  • Hi Mahmoud, the issue may be caused by an outdated version of iTunes installed on your PC. Please contact me directly at and I’ll help you further troubleshoot the issue. Thanks!

  • Xyriel Jacob Valderama

    Hi Krasimir i have an ipad 1st gen tried so many usb cables which is all originals but itunes does not detect it when i charge it in the wall charger, it keep on flashing apple logo continiously 🙁

    • Hi, this means that the iPad is in Recovery Mode. The only way to sort this out is to restore the iPad with iTunes. If that does not work out, you must see an licensed repairman.

  • Joshua Mayer

    hi, i have an issue that i had reinstalled the driver, updated itunes, deleted the lockdown folder, and sometimes the pc recognizes the iphone 5, but sometimes not. when it does, itunes won’t recognize it. if i unplug the iphone, the pc won’t recognize it anymore. it also seems that windows only recognizes it at startup. any suggestions? to the pc, it keeps saying “unknown device,” most of the time suddenly today. only earlier prior to updating, once it allowed “trust” and syncing, but now sometimes it is trust, but not connecting to itunes..

    • Hi Joshua, ensure that the cable is in good condition and that it is an authentic cable. Next, check the connectors on both sides are not damaged (i.e. the USB slot and the USB connector on the iPhone).

  • Grace Caitlin Williams

    Thanks so much for this guide Krasimir! very early to follow instructions. I was very confused to find my iphone not connecting to itunes suddenly, but your guide saved the day 🙂

  • Mike Melson

    I was trying to upgrade my iPhone 5c to the latest firmware. When all of a sudden it just stopped. Then my computer stopped recognizing the iPhone. I have the iTunes logo with the charging cable on my screen. Saying connect to iTunes. I tried all your steps and still nothing. I took the phone to a repair shop and they said it may be my logic board. Someone please help me. I cant do anything with the phone right now

  • Steve king

    Sorry have just got an iPhone SE down loaded everything but my music it says I don’t have the latest iTunes because xp is no longer supported I have my videos photos everything except my music can anyone help please it driving me mad

  • Didn’t work for me. iPhone 4 will charge on a power outlet, but not recognize on a USB port. Tried all the different port… tried 32-bit and 64-bit of Apple Mobile Device support. Tried copiedtrans too which asked me to uninstall everything, then it installed the 32-bit drivers. Didn’t work. My iPhone 6 recognizes fine in all circumstances… just having trouble with iPhone 4 on iOS 7. Trying to repurpose it as an iPod Touch and put music on it. 🙁

  • Kimbro

    So I updated to the new iTunes a few days ago, and as of 2 days ago my 6s isn’t showing up in my iTunes. I have tried all of the methods from the Apple site, this site and others (4 different cords, restarting/shutting down my Toshiba laptop which is brand new January of this year, restarting multiple times of the phone itself, cleaning all ports on both devices, etc… the list goes on) What do you suggest?! Normally I can crack stuff like this and figure it out but this one has got me!

    • Mikhail CopyTrans

      Hi, Kimbro! I am sorry you are having this trouble. Did you try to recognize your iphone on another PC or MAC? If this option won’t work for you, it might be worth looking at your log files. Here’s how to prepare log files:

    • Are you using a 64-bit OS? I had some issues with iTunes and my Windows 10 64-bit. It wasn’t a problem before, but Apple screwed up royally with the 64-bit OS. It took many tries, but it basically required using 7-Zip and opening up the iTunes installation and making sure the device driver installed is the 64-bit version. If you’re using an older iTunes that is only 32-bit supported, then your Apple Mobile Device driver and others have to be the 32-bit version. The executables inside the archive (accessible through 7-Zip via open inside archive). It is a bit of a headache to figure out with multiple install and uninstall, but I finally got my iPhone 6s to recognize.

      • Jessiie

        I have downloaded the 7 zip app on my laptop now what shall i do ?

  • Dannybear

    I’m having the same problem . I updated to Windows 10 this week (grrrrr) and also update to the new iTunes version . Ever since my iPhone 6 is no longer recognised and my my cables are in good condition and are original. Have tried all of it. Different cable, different USB’s, uninstall and install iTunes , turn it on and off (what felt like a million times), have done the search for %programdata% and delete lockdown in the apple folder and also have try it in my work laptop and the iTunes there does recognise my iPhone. So, pretty sure is something to do with my laptop, either frisking Windows 10 or iTunes new update. Not sure, will wait for the new update I guess. Any other tips would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Yash Nashte

    Please try doing this. Go to Device Manager and find your device in under Imaging Devices/Other Devices/Portable Devices/Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Now right click on you Apple Device and choose Update Driver Software and again choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software. Now click the Have Disk button,click Browse and navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers. Now click the the Driver and click install. Your computer should now be able to recognize your Device. If you’re still unable to connect,please contact Apple Support. Thank You. Let me know if this works. Cheers.

    • forznoles

      Worked PERFECTLY for me – thanks!!!

      • Great to hear! Thank you for sharing)) We appreciate this a lot!

    • Philipa

      THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been trying to solve this problem all week since I got a new laptop and this finally helped me out. Thank you SO so much.

    • Akane Sakiko

      You’re a life saver.

    • South40

      I followed your instructions and the problem is solved. Thank you Yash.

    • Anna Moussette

      I’ve been looking for answers all over and was about to uninstall completely iTunes – but saw this by chance – Perfect!! (except in windows 10 there was no “install” to press, just “browse for driver”; select the folder “drivers” and click “ok” and voila! problem solved! thank you, Yash!

    • Franky

      What if I dont see my iphone there? But I can see it and access it in file explorer

      • Alla CopyTrans

        Hi Franky, please contact me at and explain in more details what your problem is. Thank you.

    • Rūta Maleckaitė

      Thank you, my dear! I have already lost a hope with my iPad but you saved my life 😀 I could watch my movies on the trip now. Thanks!

    • Charlestephen

      SIR!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charlestephen

      Im so happy I threw up

    • Diane Pelot

      So simple.
      Still frustrated I can only sync one movie and it fails on the other. Plenty of space, it shows the movie title on the iPad, but no opportunity to move?

    • Armitage Shanks

      This worked, thank you!!

    • Pupae Paston

      Hey, thank you so much…it works!!!!

      • CopyTrans

        Of course it works 🙂

    • Jorius Sdfw

      done that still doesnt work. doesnt show the phone doesnt do nothin

    • Mitch

      Oh my god thank you so much! I tried restarting/reinstalling and was wondering why itunes wouldn’t even recognize my phone when I tried putting it into recovery mode… You’re a lifesaver!!!

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Thanks a lot. After updating my Iphone 6S+ to iOS 10, and updating iTunes, I did not see my iphone anymore in iTunes. Followed your instructions, It works!
      I did not find my iPhone in Imaging Devices, I found it someplace else.

    • dinesh r

      Thanks a lot Yash,,,,it worked..

    • Verna Barkley

      You are AWESOME!! Thank you so much. I’ve been chatting with Apple for over an hour trying to figure this out. This took 16 seconds and it works and is syncing now.

    • Onecast

      Worked great save me a lot of trouble thank you

    • Sherman

      F U C K I N G W O R K E D !!! THANK YOU YASH…. Literally saved my fcking ass. I hope you find everything you want in life.

    • corinne seris

      Thank you so much! I have been trying to fix this for 2 hours, and this totally worked!

    • Giovani Salles

      Thanks mate you save my day, now it´s works again. 😛

    • TwistedCosmos

      All this trash on the internet and only your comment solved my problem. Thanks.

    • Sachin Bhattarai

      Thank You very much, it totally worked 🙂

    • SSin

      It worked!!!!!! Thankyou so much !

    • Eso

      I tried everything but your solution was the only one worked for me! Thanx!!

    • Anoop

      You are a saviour man…. It worked perfectly 🙂

    • Spiros

      Thanks Yash. Very much appreciated. You’ve been the only one that’s been able to provide an actual working solution in one paragraph without all the usual fluff of other authors. And the source problem, just reminds me how much the highly prescriptive and regimented stuff built by Apple irks me. Apple just doesn’t play well with the other children in the wider computing stratosphere. In any other situation, it would be an ‘-ism’ of some description. However in the Apple universe, this is called ‘The Apple Ecosystem.’ ….and now I’m sure I’ll have a offended apple fans, and I’ll be called an icoloclast!! In any case, to you Yash, I thank you.

    • _TheWildCat

      Thank you, dear god.

    • Sara


    • Stephen Jacobs

      This worked for me as well! Thank you. iPhone was being recognized by computer as drive, but not by iTunes previously. This fixed it.

    • Wiehan Knoetze

      you are amazing thank you so much.

    • Swathi Sekar

      Yash, what if my Apple Device isn’t showing up under Imaging Devices?

      • First of all, please make sure you follow all the instructions in the article above. Also, it looks like you have a connectivity issue. Please check the connection between your iPhone and PC. Thanks!

      • Chaz clark

        I’m using Windows10 and it was under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and it worked. Thanks Yash!

    • pollpot

      Unbelievable. I just lost two hours trying to make iTunes recognize my iPad. Apple support useless as usual and than i stumble upon this. It worked.
      Thank you, Yash, very, very much.

    • PCT

      Brilliant worked first time, took 5 minutes

    • Ivan

      Worked like a charm. Thank you! Now I can get to work on time.

  • illhaveanother
  • Kadiri

    In fact I have a problem with my iphone 5 when I connect it to my PC the PC recognises it but iTunes cannot I even installed CopyTrans but none recognises it. In my computer the icon i have is imaging device. Please how do I solve it and what might have cause that

  • punxie89

    Hey there, really need help and NOTHING seems to be helping! Not only will my iTunes not recognize my iPhone when I connect it (using every USB port on my computer), but my iTunes also can’t connect to the Apple Store, and I can’t log in using my Apple ID. I keep getting this message every time I try to connect: “iTunes could not connect to the iTunes store. Make sure your network connection is fine and try again.” The Internet connection is perfectly fine on the computer, everything else works using it; Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, you name it. So it’s not the Wi-Fi connection at all, but it keeps thinking so. I even went to the “Help” tab in iTunes and hit “Run Diagnostics” and tested it, and iTunes told me that “Internet connection verified” with a green lit up circle next to that, and then it says “Secure link to iTunes store failed” with a red lit up circle beside that. And then if I hit “Help” next to the failed red dot, it tells me “iTunes Help is unavailable because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet” right after verifying that there was an internet connection. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this or what even caused it in the first place! All I know is that now I can’t sync anything off or onto my iPhone. Pretty much ever, unless something works

    • Hello, I am afraid we cannot do much about this as it is an Apple-related issue. The best here would be to refer to Apple Support or visit the nearest Genius Bar. They will help you sort it out.

  • Hello, That’s pretty strange. Sure, you can install the latest iTunes and then, try to rollback Apple drivers in Device Manager. I am afraid we cannot do much about this as it is an Apple-related issue. The best here would be to refer to Apple Support. They will help you sort it out. Also, you can use CopyTrans Shelbee to back up and restore your iPhone without iTunes, please refer to this article:

  • Doug

    Hi, after a headache and months of not getting my iPod not working on Windows 10 64bit, I went and downloaded windows XP 64bit drivers and replaced my entire Drivers folder under here: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers The drivers can be found here:

    After this download I went through Device driver and manually updated the driver pointing to my new folder containing old drivers. So far all is working fine.
    Hope it helps you

  • Can you please send me your log files? I’d need to see them to understand the reason of the problem. These guidelines explain how to send the log files:

  • You are most certainly welcome, Jeff 🙂

  • Phillip Mitchell

    Hi, what about when ITunes thinks another person’s IPhone is connected? e.g my IPhone 6 name and yet a brand new IPhone connected correctly with USB lighting cable and up to date ITunes etc, it still thinks is my phone name? Asked Apple and they cannot even post or email me how to fix this, have to ring their tech, from posts at Apple support community, very common problem. Oh and PC it was connected to was Window 10 and it had never had my IPhone connected before. Real serious bug Apple if you ask me. Thanks Phil

    • Hi Phillip, sorry about your problem, I really hope you’ll receive the answer from Apple as it is them who can provide you with the best support concerning this question.

  • angel osorio

    doesnt work doesnt show the phone doesnt do nothin

    • Hi, angel osorio, sorry to see that you are experiencing problems! What exactly doesn’t work? If it’s iTunes that doesn’t recognize your phone, then you can either address the Apple support or try our free product CopyTrans Manager, it works exceptionally well!

  • Touhid

    My Laptop is 32 bit and I have iPhone 5s. I can’t connect my phone with iTunes. What should i do? i have also installed CopyTrans Driver, after this i can enter into the iPhone through this computer (like as SD card) but i can not copy anything to my phone through this way (like SD card). I will eagerly waiting to hear from all who can actually help me to solve this problem. I have free apple ID. I am from Bangladesh but i created free apple ID through USA as there is no option of the name of Bangladesh

    • Hello, Touhid, unfortunately only iTunes support can help you deal with iTunes. However I suggest you to install our free program CopyTrans Manager, it will hepl you copy things from your Laptop to your iPhone very easily! If still have any questions, contact us directly at Thank you.

  • Hello Eric, it’s hard to understand the reason of the problem without looking closely at the program log files. Could you please generate and send them to guidelines explain how to send the log files:

  • Mit

    You, everyone, and their brother have the same “reset everything, update drivers, blah blah…” solutions. Well, they don’t work.

  • Damien❤️

    Why won’t apple test their products properly in the first place. Every time they release a software upgrade I can never get iTunes and iPhone to sync afterwards. Last time I had to pay for an it consultant to come to my house at great expense . Apple released an upgrade yesterday and as a result I can’t get the sync to work – I’ve tried for 3 hours including an hour on the phone to Apple – all to no avail. So I see no alternative but to get my wallet out again. Just so frustrating.

  • CopyTrans

    Thank you Jason. I’m sure it will help a lot of users.

  • Richard

    you are a clever guy. just spent 3 days trying to get itunes to recognise my iphone. thank you. next problem is that 3 days ago i bought a new laptop connected my phone and lost all my songs on my phone over 2500!!!!!

  • Eduardo Holzmann

    My problem is that doesnt see de usb pluged on device manager, try 2 iphones 4 in a mac and windows with 2 diferent cable any suggestion? maybe the device has some lock?

  • art lover

    Hi. I accidentally marked the function to always open pictures and videos in a file when I connect to the computer and now iTunes gets blocked each time I connect my phone. How can I disable it?

    • Hi, thank you for your question. However, I am not sure I understand the problem. Can you please email me directly to and explain what exactly you did. Also please attach a screenshot of the error message showed by iTunes when it gets blocked. I’ll help you.

  • Richard Treat

    Holy cow I figured it out! Connect the iPhone when it is unlocked on the home screen.

    • Great to hear that the problem is fixed now, Richard 🙂

  • Every thing on the computer is working fine, drivers are updated, Apple device usb running and working.. I can plug my iphone in and the computer recognizes it with no problem.. itunes recognizes it, and my copytrans recognizes it .. When I plug my daughter’s iphone 5 into it, it doesn’t recognize it at all.. I get the message on her phone about “Trusting” this computer and I click Trust.. but her phone is not recognized by my computer, by itunes or my copytrans program.. they are all uptodate… I’m running Windows 10 on the desktop and her iphone is uptodate on it’s software… I’m stumped now as to where to go to fix the problem.. Since my computer recognizes mine without a problem,… I’m thinking there is something in her phone not working right to allow the computer to recognize it..
    Any other idea would be helpful.. thanks

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Hi Barbara, this is odd and as you’ve noticed, the problem is most definitely within the phone itself. Please generate the log files so I can dig into the issue: and send them to

      • Hi Irina.. I did another update on itunes and it now shows her phone.. I’m thinking that her phone was updated to the 10..something version and itunes wasn’t updated for that new ios so nothing was showing her phone.. after I posted this, I ran another update and this time it updated it more.. I had done an update about 13 hours prior to my posting but that didn’t work..I had even updated copytrans at the same time. so did another update on itunes this morning and this time it updated to where phone is now being seen and I’ve been working with her pics to clean up her photo albums for her.
        thanks so much for the reply…

        • Irina CopyTrans

          Hi Barbara, no problem 🙂 if you have any questions in the future, drop us an email at

          • Thank you Irina.. I love copytrans.. it has been so much better working with than itunes.. I have it on both my laptops so can use it when I travel also..

          • Irina CopyTrans

            You are very welcome, Barbara! I’m really glad you like our software 🙂

  • Q

    I used phonerescue and when my phone was plugged in I chose the option to force out of recovery mode. Now, no computer will detect my iphone.

    • Hi, it’s hard to advise anything since we are not developers of this software and cannot say for sure what sort of corruption was brought to the iOS. The best would be to address this issue to the creators of phonerescue. Hopefully they will help you fix the problem.

  • Drapsmann2604

    How is it that I ‘reconnect my iPhone to the PC via the USB cable’?
    Everytime I try to plug in my iPhone, a pop-up that says ‘the last USB device you connected to the computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it’

    PS i have an iPhone4 and an Acer computer

    • Hi, there’s not much we can do if your PC does not recognize your iPhone. Please restart your PC and try again. If the problem persists, manually install iOS drivers and see if it fixes the issue:

      • Drapsmann2604

        Thank you for replying so quickly, but I ended up solving the problem later. I was trying three different cables, but apparently they were ALL broken (talk about bad luck). I found another one, and my iPhone was working just fine again. I’ll definitely keep this site in mind if something goes wrong in the future 🙂

        • Thank you, Draspmann2604, for sharing with us and with other users od CopyTrans programs. It will remind us to always have an extra cable, a good one 🙂

        • Iphone user

          Thank you so much dear Sir, I literally thought my phone was broken. I tried resetting it, unistalling and installing iTunes again, reinstalling USB controller, using another PC. Just as I was losing all hope I saw your comment and couldn’t resist thanking you right away.

  • Yash Nashte

    Well I’m glad I could help you and all the users.

  • Sha K

    When I plug in my iPhone, iTunes is only giving me an option to restore from a previous session. It doesn’t recognize it as a phone already set up, so I can’t do anything such as sync, backup. Please help. Thanks.

  • ana

    i updated the itunes, my software on my phone is up to date, my windows software is up to date,i reinstalled itunes and restarted my pc and my iphone and when i plugged it back into the cable it says, “The iphone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of itunes. Go to to download the latest version of Itunes.”

  • JLR

    Hi, iTunes recognize my phone in my computer, however, I cannot find the iPhone driver to copy my pictures. What should I do? I am not even asked if I “Trust This Computer”.

    • Hi JLR, please address Apple support in this case. Hopefully, they know how to fix it. Or you may use our software instead iTunes:)

  • Tj

    Hello, I have 2 iphones, one from my job and one personal. I am trying to sync with Itunes. When I attach my iphone I get the error message that device is not recognized. When I attach my work iphone, with the same usb cord and immediately after trying my personal iphone, iTunes does recognize my work iphone. This suggest to me that the source of the problem may be the iphone? Your help is appreciated.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Probably it is the device Tj. Do the iOS versions differ on your devices? Try running CopyTrans Manager with your personal iPhone, maybe it will recognize it. If not, try reinstalling iTunes and the drivers using CopyTrans Drivers Installer as it was described in the article.
      We also suggest contacting Apple support in cases with iTunes and iPhone errors.

  • Dred

    This post helped me 100%
    Just Install the iOS drivers without iTunes

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Happy we could help you Dred! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Anka Tanuwirya

    Windows couldn’t recognize iPhone as MTP since update to IOS there any way to get it back? I try to unninstall Apple USB Driver and lucky windows recognize my phone as MTP, but now why iTunes turn not recognize it. Then I follow your instruction to get iTunes back to recognize and….u know. Windows no longer detect as MTP again.. WTF.
    It means I must choose between MTP or iTunes ?

  • qesfytrtfffhfdtyrtyd

    Nothing was working for me… then I used a hair dryer and blew air inside the iphone 5 dock connector, plugged it back to the usb port and it was recognized by windows 10.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Nice life hack 🙂

    • Emm

      This is really the only thing that’s working XD never thought that that was the problem. should be written in the basics

  • Brandon

    I have followed all of your suggestions and my computer still does not recognize iPhone but iTunes does. The iOS drivers could not be installed successfully. I have searched and tried several other suggestions but I’ve had no luck. Can you still help?

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Brandon, why were the drivers installed incorrectly? That’s odd that having an incorrect drivers, your iTunes also recognized the iPhone.
      I’ve found an interesting article, maybe that would help you. Search for the reply from sbgleason
      Let us know if that helped!

    • Simson Grobler

      Try disabling Facetime on your iphone. It worked for me.

  • Thang

    To anyone else having this problem (iTunes recognizes phone just fine, Windows OS does not), here’s what worked for me. Before you connect your iPhone to your PC/Laptop, make sure it is UNLOCKED (i.e. the home screen and your apps are visible on your phone). Then attach to your PC while still unlocked and it should be recognized. I tried everything else (Windows Updates, Reinstall iTunes, Reinstall Driver) and this was actually what consistently gets my Surface Pro 3 to recognize the damn phone outside of iTunes.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      that’s a very nice tip Thang, thank you for sharing!

    • Ritch Lizarraga

      Yeah that solved!

    • Microsoft_Drives_Me_Crazy

      OMG I can’t believe Microsoft won’t recognize the iPhone being connected unless it’s “UNLOCKED”! THANKYOU! 🙂

    • Rthomas

      OMG, after having no luck for over two hours to locate my iPhone as a device and trying everything advised on the Internet, I stumbled on your FANTASTIC advice and it worked immediately! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Dioni

      This also worked for me for a second! So it seems that the trick, apart from all explained here at (thanks for the help by the way), is to have the iPhone UNLOCKED when connected.
      I can’t believe we have to spend hours or even days just to make such a simple thing work, and no Microsoft not Apple big companies providing useful support nor help on this. Millions of users (and US dollars) managed by those two huge companies, and all the help I needed I got it from this website and from ****…
      Apple should be paying you some bonus for doing their job!!
      Thank you so much for sharing!

      • You are most welcome, Dioni 🙂

        • Abdlla Hassan

          i have iphone 5s and my iphone stops connect itunes even i connect the itune can’t work and my phone does’nt diseable and can not start only shows itunes how can i solve thans

  • Kevin Drysdale

    I have followed all of these steps. I
    have uninstalled iTunes and all Apple software – I’ve rebooted my PC
    (Win 10) and I’ve restarted my iPhone. I’ve installed the iPhone drivers
    only. I’ve rebooted my PC and iPhone. Yet nothing works. I’ve checked
    to see that Apple mobile support
    is running. It is. hen I open Device manager Apple USB is not shown
    under the USN hub, However, when I plug in my phone the USB device is
    not recognised. When I try to update the driver by directing to the
    Apple drivers I’m told the drivers are up to date. I’m at a loss to
    understand what to do, other than to hit my PC and iPhone with a hammer

    • hapt

      i am having same problem..when i uninstall itunes /apple iphone appears in my pc which i can view my camera roll pic , but if i update drivers from trans or install itunes then it disappears ??not detected to itunes nor copytrans ..

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Kevin, I got confused – are you using a USB hub after all? If yes, please don’t to that and connect directly to USB port on your computer.
      Also, try installing the drivers again, but following this article, maybe something went wrong:
      Lastly, please make sure that iTunes recognizes the device. If not, it’s worth contacting the Apple Support, because there might be a problem with an iPhone.

      • Kevin Drysdale

        No I’m not using a hub. The cable (a genuine Apple cable) is plugged in direct. My PC refuses to recognize the device, and as a result my phone is also not eecognized by iTunes. However, here’s the crux of my frustration; my iPhone (the very same one) is detected and connects perfectly to my work PC and is listed as a device in iTunes. The only difference that I identify is my home PC is running Win 10, at work the PC is running Win 7.

        • Marika CopyTrans

          Thanks for a follow up Kevin. You see, there might be three reasons why your iPhone is not recognized – cable, PC and iPhone itself. Since the cable is original and your iPhone works perfectly on your work computer, then the problem must be your home PC. If none of the stated in article above helped, we suggest you contact your computer technician or Windows support.
          Wish we could be more help

        • Kevin Drysdale

          This is getting me hacked off!
          My iPhone connects perfectly to my PC & iTunes at work. That PC is running Windows 7 Professional and I connect with a generic (as opposed to an original) cable.
          Thinking that it may be the cable at fault I took my work one home and tried connecting using that.
          Result – device not recognised!
          The only difference between my work PC and my home one is that at home I’m running Win 10.
          As noted in my original post when I open Device Manager the Apple USB is not shown under the USB hub. That must be the route of this problem. Can someone please help me?!

  • Scott DE LA Scott

    I have the opposite issue. I’ve followed all steps… my PC recognizes the iPod Touch, but iTunes does not. I’ve followed all steps (restarted/reinstalled iTunes, mobile device support, Apple USB driver, restarted phone and PC… still nothing and I am not reinstalling Windows for an iPod that’s a huge waste of time). This same device worked fine on my old PC, but I recently upgraded and now it is not recognizing in iTunes only. Is the fact that it’s an older device (6.1.6 is most recent available update) the issue?

    • It might be but we cannot know for sure. I’d advise to address this question to the nearest Genius Bar or Apple Support. As iPod Touch developers they can help you fix the recognition issue.

      • anon

        occur to me as well, it is because of the new updated version? the previous one worked and after updating i can’t sync them (no sign of itunes recognizing ipod), i thought my usb cable has problem but it’s not the case…

        • Marika CopyTrans

          As my colleague Rina suggested, it’s better to contact Apple Support. If iTunes does not recognize the device, the problem lies somewhere else with the device.
          Wish we could help 🙁

    • Anthony Nielsen

      I had the issue, and nothing was helping, itunes did not see, any of my iphones or ipad, but it was a very fast solution. i had Driver Booster 4.1 installed a free softvare, this program has some ad ons in the acction center, admin Iphone, i ad this program and itunes worked again very fast with all my items.

    • Anthony Nielsen

      I had the issue, and nothing was helping, itunes did not see, any of my iphones or ipad, but it was a very fast solution. i had Driver Booster 4.1 installed a free softvare, this program has some ad ons in the acction center, admin Iphone, i ad this program and itunes worked again very fast with all my items.

  • Dan

    My phone shows as ‘internal storage’ in ‘my computer’, rather than as an iphone. iTunes does not recognise a phone either. Does anybody know how I can get iTunes/my computer to recognise my phone??

  • Martin

    Hi there—same issues….trying to put my songs on my new iphone…..when I connect the iphone it is not recognized…. I have tried all of the possibilities, restarting both the computer and the phone…..I gave up for a few days….unlocked my phone plugged it in and it went to itunes like it used to…..I got busy and could not update….so later when I attempted it again the computer says it does not recognize the device…..ugggg…soooo frustrated……any ideas?

  • valofgrace

    my PC recognizes my iphone but my itunes wouldnt. already updated my itunes and my iphone. what shouyld I do? my broa nd sis’ iphones has no problem syncing to itunes using the same PC. only my iphoe ahs. HELP!!!

  • Deven Brown

    my pc recognizes other devices in that i can charge other devices through my USB, but not my iphone.

  • Bernadine Poltis

    I tried all of the above suggestions and my iphone 6S was not recognized. So I looked at all of the expanded items in the Device Manager.

    My Apple iPhone was listed under ‘Portable Devices’ in the Device Manager. It had an exclamation point next to it. So I was able to update the iphone driver from there.


    Thank you. I would not have thought to try this, if I had not seen and tried the above suggestions.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Welcome 🙂

  • dmcland

    all, what worked for me,
    Iphone 7 +
    Windows 10

    Was to plug directly into high speed USB port on the computer, and not the back of the USB ports on the monitor or keyboard…


  • Peter

    I have downloaded copy tran but it will not load running win 7

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Peter, that’s impossible. I’m running Windows 7 just now 🙂
      I have a feeling that it might be connected to your antivirus. Please add this path C:Users* YOUR USER NAME*AppDataRoamingWindSolutions to your antivirus Exception List.
      If that won’t help, please contact us directly at

  • Claudio Aros


  • Dee

    Thank you so much. I couldn’t back up my old phone to transfer everything to my new phone. Uninstalled iTunes and drivers with the above app then reinstalled iTunes and it solved the problem.

  • Alex Long

    I installed the iOS drivers from here and that part worked, but when I reinstalled iTunes 12.6.x they were gone again. I should say the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver was no longer showing in device manager

  • JF

    Thanks for your walkthrough. Still had the issue UNTIL I removed all USB components, then Itunes suddenly woke up from the dead and performed restoration. Remove USB components – very important!!!!!

    Thanks again

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey JF, thank you pointing that out!

  • Nickie Sale

    Hi, I am having dreadful issues getting iTunes ( ) to work and recognise my iphone 6. I bought a new laptop, I am running Windows 10 Version 1607, OS Build 14393.447. First when I tried to download and install iTunes, all was well until I launched iTunes, when I got an error saying a vital component was missing error code -45075. I tried both repair, and uninstall (with computer reboots) but the issue remained. I found online a tip which said download 7-zip, open up the iTunes exe in that and run the msi files to load in the missing components. After that iTunes now runs, however it does not connect to my phone, I got the error message än iphone has been detected but not identified please disconnect and reconnect and iTunes then hangs, I can’t select anything. I disconnected the phone, use task manager to close iTunes, thn re opened iTunes and authorised this laptop. Now the error message has gone away, the phone symbol has appeared in iTunes, but iTunes is just hanging, I still cannot select anything. The laptop is recognising the phone and I can browse the phone. I have uninstalled iTunes, rebooted the laptop several times and also followed your advice above. Can you assist me, I’m at my wits end trying to work this one out. Many thanks

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Hi Nickie, I’m afraid I can’t really help you fix your iTunes issue, it’s better to contact Apple support directly, I’m sure they will find a fix for you:

      • Nickie Sale

        Ok Thank you

  • Timi Burton

    I have a serious problem with the itunes. Started with the installation – error 2. Solved with WinRar. But after the itunes still doesnt recognize my iPhone, it gets frozen…Message: “An IPhone has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. So I made in Device manager the update driver software (program files-common files-apple-mobile device support-driver etc) but still the same result :(. in services I restarted the Apple mobile device service.
    I start to be very hopeless because in the apple store they were not able to help me, as I dont have a macbook.
    I am looking forward to your help. thank you in advance

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Timi, I wish I could fix it for you..Try all the methods described in the article, something might really help. Also, try to plug it in on a different PC (e.g. at your friend’s) to check if it’s the device issue or computer. If it’s on the device side, guys from Apple should be able to fix it.

      • Timi Burton

        I tried with a MacBook. it works. but my problem is still does not solved. because I use my computer and after updating my IOS in march the itunes stopped to connect to it.

        • Irina CopyTrans

          Hi Timi, I’m afraid we can’t help you any further here. It’s better to contact Apple Support directly:

  • Susan Ericsson

    My iPad makes no sound when I plug in charger, and green light will not go on. Computer and Itunes do not “see” it. iPad will charge to 100% overnight but green battery light does not go on even when fully charged. Have tried various cables and chargers and outlets, reset, etc. iTunes is up to date and computer recognizes iPhone no problem. Charge port seems to be the problem. Any fixes? Even if have to replace would like to back up first.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Susan, if you want to back up the data from your device, I suggest using our tool called CopyTrans Shelbee:

      As for the issue, I really think it’s better to contact Apple support, cause it’s probably some physical issue with the port.

      • Susan Ericsson

        Thank you. Wouldn’t I still need to connect my iPad to the computer? I think you are right about the port. Problem is computer won’t recognize it when plugged in.

        • Marika CopyTrans

          Hey Susan, yes you would have to, sometimes CopyTrans programs might recognize the device, especially if the right drivers are installed. But of course, if it’s the port there’s no chance…wish you best of luck!

  • Daniel J

    Hello, I just can’t get itunes to recognise my iphone no matter what I do. The problem happened when I connected my phone to computer to update music and itunes advised me to update my ios. Something went wrong during this and now all I get on phone is same screen suggesting I connect to itunes. I’m not sure what to do!

    • Hey Daniel, try to update your iTunes as well. This will update the iOS drivers and might fix the issue. If it doesn’t help, the best would be to address this issue to the Apple Support. They should help you sort it out.

      • Daniel J


  • Stephen Lee Komoroczy

    I am getting fed up now. I have tried all the so called solutions mentioned and still nothing works. I connect ipad to windows 10 machine (charging shows on ipad so its connected) I have correct Apple mobile device USB driver installed – also in devices I have both Apple mobile device USB driver AND Ipad listed under Unspecified. I have tried ALL USB slots and still itunes does not see my ipad – I connect to itunes on my mums laptop (win 10) and bingo it works straight away. Why wont it work????

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Stephen, that’s very odd…Since the iPad works with your mom’s laptop there’s probably something wrong with the configurations on your PC. I would delete all Apple related software and install it once again. If you haven’t done it before, this link will help:

      If that won’t help you can always use CopyTrans Manager as a free iTunes alternatives. It should work with the drivers you’ve mentioned.

      • ElecktrikCore

        Yeah This doesn’t work for me. I updated drivers, rebooted Iphone, rebooted computer, Reinstalled Itunes. Nothing works

        • Marika CopyTrans

          try a different cable or cord. It might help.

  • Mouhamed Anne

    Oh thank’s … it’s works well now 😉

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Awesome 🙂

  • Braden Sherratt

    Just went through the whole process. My iphone, itunes, and computer have their respective up to date software. My computer recognizes my phone and i can see it in the file explorer. It seems that iTunes (12.1.3) won’t recognize my device no matter how many restarts of phone/computer, or uninstalls of iTunes I do. When I plug in my phone using my Apple USB cable all it does on the phone is ask me to allow my computer access to my phones photos and videos, and on my computer opens my phone’s internal storage in the file explorer.

    Any ideas what is going on??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Braden, need help? 🙂

  • eM

    Maaan… Have tried so many things and nothing worked… In the end it was the freaking antivirus program.. grrrr… Not that I didn’t think of that, but I didn’t try to turn it off until now… Thanks. You made my day.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      We are so happy that we could help <3

  • Bill A Bonger

    Hi Ive been searching the internet now, and just keep coming up with solutions that are entirely pc related. What i need is a fix if its not pc related, but instead phone related. Ive tried hard restarting my phone, no go. Ive tried resetting the privacy stuff, no go. Ive tried resetting the settings, no go. I’m running 10.3.3, and can not update to 11 because it gives me an error. Tried those fix’s and still no go. I obviously cant update via iTunes, or manually pushing the file to the phone, because no computer will recognize the phone. Pretty much at a loss here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Bill,
      If you think that your problem is phone related, then we strongly advise checking with the Apple technicians.


    itunes is recognising my iphone but I cannot see it in file explorer and windows photo app is saying theres no device connected to import from!

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Try unlocking your device and connecting it to your PC unlocked. It should help.

      • TCS PGD IVF

        Phone isn’t locked. After rebooting both pc and iPhone several times and wasting a further couple of hours on it it finally worked. I’d done nothing different though and this happens nearly every time I try to get my photos off my iPhone. I’ve literally wasted hours. It’s so frustrating !

        • Marika CopyTrans

          Sorry about that! It’s very inconsistent, indeed. Why don’t you give CopyTrans Photo a go? It usually loads the photos without any issues:

          • TCS PGD IVF

            Thanks for the tip! I’ll certainly take a look at this !! I’m desperate to get my photos sorted. I’m so far behind now because I’ve had so many issues. I now have duplicates (and they don’t always have the same file name). I also compared some duplicates and when looking at the time date stamp one copy clearly had the wrong time on (but might have been the right date) and he other had what looked to be a more realistic time but definitely the wrong date (by several months!) This means I’ve no idea whether I can trust the dates any of my photos have got !

          • Marika CopyTrans

            Oh my, that sure is a mess! The photos with the wrong date – were they edited? Because if you were editing them on your iPhone, they get new tags when saved. In any case, CopyTrans Photo should be more stable, then the usual DCIM folder.

  • CHarris

    When plugging in my IPad to my laptop I couldn’t access my photos. My Apple driver was determined to be good, ITunes would start up, but the IPad wouldn’t show up under the Computer directory to access my photos. Rebooting all devices is what finally worked. Thanks.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      No problem 😉

  • Buttercups08

    there is a huge indication that it is an incompatible driver or something wrong with the installed driver. iphone using latest IOS and laptop on windows vista home basic. when we had the very old itunes (download in 2014) all worked. today it doesn’t. when I uninstalled all itunes programs (i assume drivers also gets deleted) the computer immediately recognises the iphone and i can access images in the iphone. I downloaded and installed drivers only since I use copy trans to copy files and backup my iphone. but yeah laptop doesnt recognize the iphone again. the iphone still asked to trust computer and i need to key in passcode. the iphone is charging. but no connection detected.

  • MOzty

    My iphone6 runs on 10.3.2, itunes, Windows 7. I can easily sync or back up my iPad but my iphone doesnt handshake with Wİndows and itunes. I tried most of the possible solutions above but still no go. I always manually back up my iphone, the last time I manually synced was 4 months ago, I dont know what happened during this 4 months. Can you suggest something?

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Can you please email us at with your program files? Here’s how to generate them:

      • MOzty

        “no log file can be found” !!

        • Irina CopyTrans

          Oh, I’m afraid you never used CopyTrans software then 🙁 I’m afraid we can’t help you with your problem, it’s better to contact Apple Support in this case:

          • MOzty

            nope I did use it. CopyTrans sw gave me this error. But after a small research now I’ve found a brand new .zipped file on my P and sending it to you right away.

          • Irina CopyTrans

            Okay, cool! I’ll be waiting for your log files.

  • Irfan Pathan

    Hello Team,

    I have Iphone 6S in recovery mode and i could not turn on it and also
    USB cable not recognizing, how to resolve it, i have tried other cable
    still same issue but i tried other mobile USB is recognizing.

    Please suggest me



    • Irina CopyTrans

      Hi Irfan, I’m afraid our software can’t work with an iPhone in recovery mode 🙁

  • Adam

    I found the best way to deal with this issue is to place the iPhone inside a microwave and set it to Popcorn, then buy an Android phone.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      And probably buy a new house after 😉