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Starting from 1 December 2020, CopyTrans Apps will no longer be available for download and will not receive any further updates. It will also disappear from CopyTrans Control Center, where it will be replaced by our next‑generation product, CopyTrans Filey.

We encourage you to embrace the change and check out CopyTrans Filey!

For more info, read the article about end of support for CopyTrans Apps.

With iOS 9 and further, Apple has scrapped apps backup functionality.

This means that neither iTunes, nor CopyTrans Apps support the backup of apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 9 and higher.

Will I be able to continue using CopyTrans Apps with iOS 9 and higher?

Yes. Despite the iOS 9 limitations, CopyTrans Apps remains an easy solution to manage app documents. The following list summarizes what you still can use CopyTrans Apps for, if you have an iPhone running iOS 9 and what you can no longer do.

Do the limitations only concern iOS 9?

These limitations concern iOS 9 and higher. However, if your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 8 for example, you can still use CopyTrans Apps to back up iPhone apps to PC.

Is there a way to go around this?

No, unfortunately. The limitation is permanent and cannot be circumvented. iTunes can no longer back up iPhone apps to your computer either.

Why did Apple scrap app backup in iOS 9 and higher?

We can only guess. This could be a logical step toward increased security and toward ensuring that iPhone users run the latest versions of iOS apps. On the other hand, the limitation is another step backwards toward decreased flexibility and less freedom for end iPhone users.

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