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Follow this quick tutorial in order to transfer contacts from your old iPhone to any Windows Phone such as Nokia Lumia in no time. The process involves two steps:

First, transfer iPhone contacts to a Microsoft account

Windows Phone offers a limited array of methods in which you can bring your old phone contacts. By far the most popular method of contact transfer is via using an online Microsoft account such as Outlook.com or Hotmail. To transfer the iPhone contacts to a Hotmail or Outlook.com account, follow these instructions: How to transfer iPhone contacts to Hotmail or Outlook.com

Next, sync the Microsoft account with Windows Phone

  1. On your new Windows Phone, open the People app and tap the “…” symbol. Then, tap “settings” settings of people app on nokia lumia

  2. Under “accounts” tap “add an account” add new contacts account to windows phone

  3. Select “Microsoft account” microsoft account on windows phone

  4. Enter your username and password and tap “sign in” sign in to hotmail or outlook.com account on nokia lumia

  5. Once you signed in, tap on the back-arrow button on your phone’s body to return to the People app’s main screen back button on nokia lumia body

  6. The contacts from the iPhone have been synced with the Windows Phone contact entries on windows phone people app

This is how to transfer iPhone contacts to any Windows Phone such as Nokia Lumia.

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