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In this guide, we will try to explain why you can’t delete photos from iPhone or any other iOS device like iPad or iPod Touch and provide working solutions.

Before we begin, please choose what applies best to you:

Can’t delete photos from iPhone

There are several reasons why you can’t delete photos from iPhone. There’s 90% chance that it’s because you have previously synced your photos with iTunes of any other third-party app. There’s a certain limitation, introduced by Apple that doesn’t allow you to delete synced albums directly on your phone. Luckily, we have a solution.

If this sounds right, read our guide:

How to delete synced photos from iPhone

I can’t delete photos from iPhone with CopyTrans Photo

First of all, make sure that you are not using iCloud Photos. CopyTrans Photo doesn’t support deletion of the photos when your iCloud Library is turned on. Here’s how to disable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone or delete photos from iCloud directly.

If there was an error in CopyTrans Photo, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that the iPhone is unlocked and you are on the Home Screen.
    iPhone home screen

  2. Connect the iPhone to CopyTrans Photo and hang on for up to 30 seconds.

  3. Now try deleting some Camera Roll photos. Here’s a detailed guide on how to delete photos and videos from your iDevice.
    Delete photos from Camera Roll

If the issue persists, please restart your computer, then open “Computer” or “My Computer” where all the connected PC drives are listed and check whether the iPhone is correctly recognized. The iPhone must not appear as a camera. iphone under my computer

NOTE: If you don’t see your iPhone at all, make sure you have at least a single photo in your Camera Roll by taking one with the iPhone. Then reconnect your device to the PC.

If your iPhone appears as a photo camera icon or another drive symbol different from the true iPhone icon seen above, follow this tutorial: My iPhone, iPod touch, iPad is not recognized or detected as a camera.

Once your iPhone or iPad is recognized correctly by the PC, you will be able to delete photos from the Camera Roll.

I can’t delete photo albums from iPhone

I’m afraid that due to Apple’s limitation, you can only delete albums on the same device they were created. So, if you have created them on your device, they can only be deleted directly on your iPhone.

If you have synced the albums with iTunes or any other third party app like CopyTrans Photo, please refer to a different article on how to delete photos and videos from your iDevice instead.

Hope this helps!

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