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How to free up iPhone disk space

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Your iPhone or iPad is running out of disk space?

Low disk space makes your iPhone sluggish. It might fail to save data, crash and not be able to download and install iOS updates.

That’s why we provide you with some tips that will help you to free up space on your iPhone or iPad without losing any data. Let’s call it a short guide to spring clean your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Find out what uses space on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

To find out how much space you have left and what kind of app or data uses most of your iPhone disk space, take your iOS device and go to Settings > General > Usage. Your device might use some seconds to calculate the free space and then come up with a screen similar to the one below. free disk space on iphone

On the iPhone we used, you can see that 10.5 GB of storage is occupied and about 3 GB are still available. Especially photos and videos use lots of disk space, but also some single apps like iMovie or games like “The Settlers”. Additionally, the list of apps is quite long and some of them have not been used for a while.

How to free up iPhone disk space

Get rid of extra files like photos, videos and music

With an iPhone you also have a photo and video camera as well as a music player in your pocket. Especially photos and videos occupy lots of space and cleaning these files will allow you to get back some GB of disk space.

Clean your iPhone Camera Roll

Before starting to remove photos, make sure to have a backup on your PC. An easy way to transfer all your photos to your PC and to quickly delete pictures from your iPhone and iPad is CopyTrans Photo.

clean up camera roll

Back up and remove iPhone videos, music and more

CopyTrans, another useful tool out of our CopyTrans 7 Pack, allows you to transfer media content such as music, videos, books, PDFs and more in only one click to iTunes.

After having backed up everything you can quickly remove iPhone music, videos and other media files using our free iTunes alternative CopyTrans Manager.

Once you finished cleaning your camera roll and media files, your iPhone storage should already look much better. new iphone disk space

Remove unnecessary apps from iPhone and iPad

Most of us are apps addicts and accumulate lots of free apps. Many of them have been used once or twice and occupy disk space unnecessarily. Take a minute and check what kind of apps you don’t use any more and remove them.

Note! Before removing any apps make sure that you recently made a backup of your apps and app data. To save your apps you can simply transfer them to iTunes e.g. using CopyTrans or the transfer purchases feature in iTunes.

To save your app settings like current game scores and documents, you will have to perform an iOS backup with iTunes or iCloud.

To remove apps just press and hold any app icon until all the icons begin to “wiggle” and tap the little x in the upper-left corner. Confirm in tapping “Delete”. To quickly remove multiple apps you can also use our free iTunes alternative CopyTrans Manager again. delete iphone apps

Clear your iPhone browser cache

Safari on your iOS device saves your browsing history like any other browser on a computer. Clearing the History, Cookies and Data might free some additional space.

Go to Settings > Safari and scroll down to “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data”. Tap both of them and confirm. clear iphone browser history

If you are a heavy Safari user you might retrieve at best some additional MBs.

Following the steps above, we were able to free up about 6 GB of iPhone disk space, space that can now be used for new pictures, videos and new app discoveries. We wish you lots of fun with your new disk space. cleanup iphone disk space

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