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Due to an Apple limitation, albums created from within the iPhone or iPad are read-only in CopyTrans Photo. This means that you cannot modify these albums including:

  • adding photos/videos to the album

  • deleting photos/videos from the album

  • deleting the album

  • renaming the album

If you don’t know how you ended up with a read-only album, here’s an example of how it is created on the device. create new photo album on iphone

How do I do this correctly?

In order to use the full potential of CopyTrans Photo, you need to instead create a new album on your device which you can freely modify. Then get rid of the read-only album.

  1. To create a new iPhone album, click on the green-photos symbol on the top left of the CopyTrans Photo window create new album with copytrans photo

  2. Give the new album a name and click “OK” rename photo album

  3. Next, to get rid of the read-only album, navigate to the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to Albums view albums view in iphone photos app

  4. Now tap “Edit” on the top right corner of the screen edit symbol in ios photos app

  5. Finally, tap on the red circle symbol on the left of the read-only album and tap “Delete” delete a photo album from iphone

That’s all. You can now enjoy the freedom of managing your photos with CopyTrans Photo.

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