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Hi, I need to transfer only messages to my new iPhone, without overwriting all the information. Could you please help me?


If you want to know how to get old messages on new iPhone and to keep information or memories that are important to you? We know that you probably don’t want to spend your time making screenshots of your conversations and emailing them to yourself.

So, in this article we describe how to transfer text messages to new iPhone:

✔️ without iTunes
✔️ without iCloud
✔️ without changing the other data already existing on iPhone

How to save text messages on iPhone

This guide will explain you how to do text messages transfer to new iPhone with a selective SMS and iMessages restore from existing iPhone backup made with CopyTrans Shelbee. You can also use iTunes backup of your iPhone to restore the SMS, iMessage, messages and chats from the backup to new iPhone.

IMPORTANT! To prevent any problems in the future, we recommend you to regularly backup your iPhone with CopyTrans Shelbee or iTunes. Full encrypted backup can ensure that your SMS history is restored up to the date of backup.

Advantages of CopyTrans Shelbee

✔️ restore full iPhone backup or just some selected data;
✔️ do full or incremental backup;
✔️ allow to choose the folder to save backup;
✔️ validate backup made;
✔️ compatible with iTunes backup;
✔️ support encrypted iPhone backup;
✔️ allow you to save your apps;

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Shelbee.

    Try CopyTrans Shelbee for free

  2. Open the program and connect your iPhone. Click on Custom restore and click on the green pencil icon to select which backup you want to restore your data from.

  3. copytrans shelbee welcome window

  4. After you’ve chosen the right backup file, click Next.

  5. Do text messages transfer to new iPhone

  6. Be patient transferring messages to new iPhone and wait until the loading process finishes.

  7. Loading of backup in progress

  8. Now you can see all the data saved in the backup. Click Messages.

    NOTE: You can also restore contacts, notes, calendars, WhatsApp, photos, apps, etc.

  9. To transfer text messages to your new iPhone

    While restoring, CopyTrans Shelbee may ask you to enter the iOS backup password to decrypt the data in the backup. What is an iOS backup password?

  10. Please note that the data you selected will be overwritten. So, the device messages will be replaced with the ones from the backup. Now click Next.

  11. Confirmation screen in CopyTrans Shelbee

  12. CopyTrans Shelbee will ask you to choose where you want to save the backup of your device in case something goes wrong during Custom restore. Select the destination and click Start.

  13. Save destination device backup in CopyTrans Shelbee

  14. Wait until the restore process finishes.

    If the restore fails for some unknown reason, see the troubleshooting steps for when the backup is corrupt.

  15. How to transfer text messages to new iPhone

  16. That’s how to save a text message on iPhone Your device will now restart.

  17. All messages saved on your iPhone

iPhone backup text message

If you don’t have iTunes backup or any other backups, then you can still try to find your SMS and messages in iCloud. The backup to iCloud is enabled by default. So by default, iCloud backup is done automatically without notifying you. It is worth checking if some data is still preserved in iCloud and can be restored from there.

CopyTrans Backup Extractor allows you to extract the data such as messages, contacts, WhatsApp, photos, videos, calendars and more from an iCloud backup and save them on your PC.

Advantages of CopyTrans Backup Extractor

✔️ compatible with different backups: iCloud, iTunes, CopyTrans Shelbee or other programs;
✔️ find all the backups automatically;
✔️ save notes, messages and chats and all the attachments;
✔️ free version allows you to see what does backup have;

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Backup Extractor:

    Try CopyTrans Backup Extractor for free

  2. Run the program and log in to iCloud. Once ready, click Find Backups.

  3. Find iPhone backups with CopyTrans Backup Extractor

  4. You will see a list of all available backups: choose the one that contains your text messages.

    ☁️ iCloud backups will be marked with a cloud icon and they are never password-protected.

  5. Enter the backup password in CopyTrans Backup Extractor

  6. Click Messages, press Extract and select the destination folder.

  7. Select folder to extract iPhone messages

  8. That’s it! Now you will find all the messages and attachments on your PC.

NOTE: you can find more ways to save iPhone messages on your PC.

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