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You are here because you are curious what exactly is happening to your device right now. So what’s the magic behind the Custom restore function in CopyTrans Shelbee? We are happy to share all our secrets with you.

The whole Custom restore process consists of two steps:


You’ve just chosen a backup from which your data will be restored. Right now, we are opening the archive, reading the data inside of the backup, and structuring it.

The backup is loading

Please note that no changes are being made to your device yet, since we are just loading the backup.

As soon as your backup is loaded, you will be able to select the contents you wish to restore.


CopyTrans Shelbee takes the data you’ve selected (for example, call history or contacts) from the backup you’ve chosen in the previous step.

Select the apps you wish to restore on your iPhone

Now the program is restoring this particular data to your device. It will replace the existing data on your device, whereas the rest of your data will remain unchanged. For example, you’ve chosen contacts. The contacts you have on your device will be overwritten, but everything else like messages, calendars, etc. will stay untouched.

Selectively restore data from your backup to iPhone

Note: CopyTrans Shelbee divides apps into two types: system apps, that were installed on your device by default, and apps that you download from the App Store, e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Please don’t forget to download them once again after the restore is completed.

Safety of your data

Before restoring we make a temporary backup of your device for safety reasons. If you happen to face any troubles while transferring your data to your device, your device will be returned to the previous state, so your data won’t be affected. When you eject your device, the backup is automatically deleted.

Backup will be saved in case something goes wrong during the custom restore

You may carry out the custom restore procedure as many times, as you wish. If, while restoring your data, you realize that you haven’t selected your precious photos or notes, don’t worry! When the current restore is completed, run CopyTrans Shelbee once again and choose what you want to restore this time.

Please set up CopyTrans Shelbee notifications – in order not to forget to back up your data. It’s important to back up your iOS device on a regular basis to prevent any complications.
Set up CopyTrans Shelbee notifications

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