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Whether you wish to quickly free up some iPhone space or you need to import video from iPhone to PC for editing purposes, this guide will show you how to transfer videos from iPhone to computer in a few clicks.

With our help, you will be able to:

  • get videos off your iPhone in the highest quality,
  • select and manage your iPhone Video Library from the computer,
  • delete videos from your iPhone if necessary.

Keep on reading for detailed info on the best methods to move videos from iPhone to PC without iTunes below.

If you prefer video to text, here is our YouTube tutorial.

How to transfer video from iPhone to computer

without iTunes or iCloud

If you are looking for quick instructions on how to get videos from iPhone to computer, we have a solution just for you – CopyTrans Photo. The app has an intuitive interface, gets things done quickly, and you can see thumbnails of all the files you’re managing at any moment.

Why people choose CopyTrans Photo:

◻ Introduces a convenient way to manage iPhone photos and videos on your PC;

◻ Transfers photos in HEIC, bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, dng, tiff, tif, tga, png, pcx, dng (ProRAW);

◻ Transfers photos and videos between iPhone and PC preserving the original quality and EXIF data;

◻ Copies photo albums back and forth, preserving the album structure;

Converts HEIC to JPEG;

◻ Works offline;

Compatible with the latest iOS, iTunes, and Windows versions.

The transfer process is intuitive, but you can always refer to our instructions below.

How to move video from iPhone to PC without iTunes or iCloud:

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo from the following page:
  2. Download CopyTrans Photo
  3. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Photo, please refer to the installation guide.
  4. Start CopyTrans Photo and plug in the iPhone to the PC. iPhone videos and albums will appear on the left-hand side of the program window while PC folders will appear on the right.
  5. how to send video from iphone to computer

  6. Select Videos from the album list on the left.
  7. how to transfer a video from iphone to computer

  8. Select or create a PC folder where you wish to put the videos by using the pane on the right-hand side. To create a new folder, click on the Green Folder symbol on top.
  9. how to download videos from iphone to computer

  10. Choose the videos you want to transfer from iPhone to the computer. To select multiple files, press and hold CTRL on your keyboard while clicking on each video. To select all the videos in the folder, click on an empty area within the iPhone working area and then press CTRL + A.
  11. how to get video from iphone to computer

  12. Drag and drop the selected videos to the right-hand side.
  13. moving videos from iphone to pc

  14. Click on Apply changes to save the result of the transfer.
  15. importing video from iphone

That’s it! Your iPhone videos are now transferred to the PC folder of your choice.

iPhone videos in the Videos folder in Windows Explorer

How to import video from iPhone to PC

YouTube tutorial

How to import iPhone videos to PC

via Windows Photos app

Another way to move videos from iPhone to PC is to use the native Microsoft Photos app (Windows 10 only). But keep in mind that this method will not provide you with an intuitive interface to help choose videos to import, and your album structure won’t be preserved.

How to upload videos from iPhone to computer:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable, then unlock your device.
  2. Go to Start > Search for Photos app and run it.
  3. best way to transfer video from iphone to pc

  4. In the top-right corner, select Import > From a connected device.
  5. how to copy video from iphone to pc

  6. Select video files you want to save to the PC and click on Import.
  7. getting videos from iphone to pc

  8. You’ll find the video in the Pictures folder.
  9. iPhone videos in Windows Pictures folder

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Photos App is not as convenient as it may sound. As our users report, it’s quite common for the Photos App to not show photos and videos or not open them after the transfer. If it has happened to your videos, opt for another solution.

How to move video from iPhone to PC

via File Explorer

The most straightforward but time-consuming way of importing video from iPhone is through File Explorer (Windows file manager). Please note that File Explorer doesn’t sort pictures and videos. Finding the video you need may take quite a bit of tediously rumbling through random files.

Here is how to transfer videos from iPhone to PC using it:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
  2. Open File Explorer. There should be an icon representing your iPhone – double-click on it.
  3. send video from iphone to computer

  4. Open the DCIM folder. The folder contains all the pictures from your iPhone.
  5. transfer video from iphone to computer

  6. Find the video > right-click on it and select Copy.
  7. how do i get a video off my iphone

  8. Navigate to any folder on your PC, right-click again and select Paste. Done.
  9. Pasting iPhone videos using Windows Explorer


This guide covers three ways to move video from iPhone to PC:

  1. Download videos from iPhone to PC without iTunes or iCloud. recommended
  2. Get video from iPhone to PC with the Windows Photos app.
  3. Upload videos from iPhone to computer via File Explorer.
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