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CopyTrans Contacts cannot import messages to an iPhone directly.

Due to certain Apple limitations, there’s no such option as to import your SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp chats to another iPhone directly in CopyTrans Contacts.
Despite that, this article explains how to import text messages and chats into your iPhone or transfer them from one iPhone to another. This option doesn’t require using iTunes or changing the existing data on the iPhone.

Import messages to an iPhone – solution

We suggest using CopyTrans Shelbee to import all messages or SMS and iMessage to iPhone. Here’s why:

  • CopyTrans Shelbee can transfer all your SMS, iMessages and chats including pictures, videos, links and documents from an old iPhone to a new one.

  • All other data already stored on the iPhone will be preserved. However, if there are already some SMS or messages on a new iPhone, they will be overwritten with the SMS / iMessage from Backup.

  • CopyTrans Shelbee can also move your WhatsApp and Viber chats to new iPhone or even transfer saved games from iPhone to iPhone.

What do I need to import messages to iPhone?

  • An iPhone backup
    Meaning a backup made with iTunes or CopyTrans Shelbee. The main requirement – should contain all the messages you want to restore.

  • CopyTrans Shelbee
    If you already have a valid CopyTrans Contacts license, you are eligible for a 50% discount for CopyTrans Shelbee:

    Get CopyTrans Shelbee for $9,98

Please follow the guidelines below to import SMS/iMessages, WhatsApp or Viber chats to your iPhone.

Import messages to an iPhone tutorial

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Shelbee.
    Download CopyTrans Shelbee

  2. Connect your device and select “Custom restore” option in the main menu.Click on “Custom restore”

  3. Choose the backup you want to restore by clicking on the pencil icon.Choose the backup you want to restore from

  4. Select the iPhone backup that contains your messages.Select the iPhone backup

  5. In the newly appeared window, select “Messages”.

    NOTE: We recommend selecting “Accounts” along with the “Messages” during this step to make sure that all your messages are transferred.
    Selecting Accounts will overwrite the already existing mail accounts and any associated cloud account information (contacts, calendars, notes, iMessages) on the destination device. Select Messages you want to restore

  6. Please note that existing messages on your phone will be overwritten. Click “Next”.

  7. Here you can select the backup location. When selected, click “Start”.

  8. Wait until the process is finished. Restoring is in process

  9. This is how you easily import messages on an iPhone.
    Restore was successful

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