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Starting from 1 December 2020, CopyTrans Apps will no longer be available for download and will not receive any further updates. It will also disappear from CopyTrans Control Center, where it will be replaced by our next‑generation product, CopyTrans Filey.

We encourage you to embrace the change and check out CopyTrans Filey!

For more info, read the article about end of support for CopyTrans Apps.

WhatsApp is designed to run on iPhones only. However, there is a way to install this messenger on an iPad or a PC. Read on and find out.

Install WhatsApp on iPad:

If you haven’t updated WhatsApp messenger for some reason, the guide below will be useful to you. The method involves the use of CopyTrans Apps and any iPhone with WhatsApp installed. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have WhatsApp up and running on your iPad or iPod Touch.

  1. Download CopyTrans Apps from the following page: Download CopyTrans Apps

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Apps, please refer to this article.

  3. Get an iPhone which has WhatsApp installed and verified with your cell-phone number. Run CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPhone to the PC. main copytrans apps window listing iphone apps

  4. Once your iPhone apps get listed on the left of the program window, click on WhatsApp, then click “Backup App”. backup apps button in copytrans

  5. Choose a location on your PC where to save the WhatsApp app backup and click “OK”. browse to pc folder where to backup whatsapp

  6. Click “OK” in the popup. Before that, you can verify that all app documents, data, and preferences get backed up by clicking on the “Options” button below. backup apps prompt in copytrans apps

  7. Stand by until the WhatsApp and all its files are backed up to your PC. WhatsApp will be saved as an IPA file. whatsapp ipa file backed up to pc desktop

  8. Disconnect the iPhone from the PC and connect your iPad. CopyTrans Apps lists the iPad apps in the program main window. ipad air apps appear listed in main program window on computer

  9. Now drag and drop the WhatsApp IPA file from your PC to the main program window where the rest of your iPad apps are listed. drag and drop whatsapp files from pc to ipad

  10. Upon prompt, click “OK” and stand by until CopyTrans Apps completes the WhatsApp installation on the iPad. prompt window to install apps on ipad

  11. That’s it, you can now go to your iPad Home Screen and tap on the WhatsApp icon. whatsapp icon on ipad home screen

  12. All your WhatsApp chats, messages and settings have been transferred to the iPad and you can start sending and receiving messages straight away. whatsapp window on ipad

  13. This is how to install a fully functional copy of WhatsApp on iPad.

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