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iCloud Photo Library is a service on your Apple device, that keeps all the photos and videos stored on icloud.com and syncs with all your iOS devices.

First things first, iCloud Photo Library is a setting on your Apple device, that keeps all the photos and videos stored on icloud.com and syncs with all your iOS devices. Any change that’s been made to one device automatically sets changes to all the other devices as well.

How do I know that I have iCloud Photo Library enabled?

If you’ve been directed to this article from CopyTrans Photo app, then it’s 99% true 😉 But in case you want to be sure or you happen to come across this article, there are 2 easy ways to check:

  • Go to your Photos and choose Albums in the lower right corner. If the very first album says All Photos then you have iCloud Photo Library enabled.

  • More of a traditional way – go to your Settings, navigate to Photos & Camera and check if the toggle next to iCloud Photo Library is on. iOS 12 users have iCloud Photos as a name of this option. iCloud Photo library is enabled on your Apple device when the toggle is green

Disabling iCloud Photo Library for a better experience

Back to the matter at hand – having iCloud Photo Library may affect your overall CopyTrans Photo experience.
For you to enjoy full functionality of our program we suggest disabling iCloud Photo Library. By doing that, you can gain full control over your iPhone, iPad or iPod pictures and videos, such as:

  • permanently delete pictures,

  • back up and delete albums,

  • have photos in full resolution all the time,

  • securely store your photos on your device and not on cloud servers.

In order to disable you iCloud Photo Library and enjoy full CopyTrans Photo functionality, please follow our tutorial:
Disable iCloud Photo Library

If you decide not to disable iCloud Photo Library, please make sure that you have Download and Keep Originals setting enabled on your device in order to download full resolution photos. Otherwise you’ll end up backing up thumbnails.

The following infographic explains the difference:
Choose Download and Keep Originals to ensure that you have high quality pictures on your device

I want to keep using iCloud Photo Library

We are perfectly fine with that! We even created an amazing app that helps you download or delete all iCloud Photo Library content to your computer, and more – it’s called CopyTrans Cloudly. Check it out and let us know what you think:

Download CopyTrans Cloudly

CopyTrans Cloudly interface

If you have any questions on iCloud Photo Library and CopyTrans Photo performance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support.

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