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This article explains how to transfer the BlackBerry calendar to iPhone. To do so you’ll need Outlook in combination with CopyTrans Contacts. This method works for all phones running BlackBerry OS and all iOS devices including the latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X.

First backup the BlackBerry calendar

  1. The first step is to export the BlackBerry calendar to Outlook on the PC. To do so you’ll need to download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Software from here:

    Download BlackBerry Desktop Software

  2. After installing the BlackBerry Desktop Software, start it and connect your BlackBerry to the PC using the USB cable: connect blackberry to pc

  3. We recommend you to back up the BlackBerry. To do so, click on the “Back up now” button: backup blackberry via BlackBerry Desktop software

  4. From the new window, select “Full” under “Backup type” and click on the “Back up” button: full backup of blackberry bold

  5. Let the BlackBerry backup finish: blackberry calendar backup in progress

  6. When the backup completes, select “Organizer” on the left and click “Configure settings”: configure blackberry desktop organizer sync settings

    NOTE: If the Calendar option is greyed-out and shows “(syncing wirelessly)”, this means that you are currently syncing the BlackBerry calendar to an online service. Please turn off wireless synchronization from within your BlackBerry. If the wireless sync option is not available on the BlackBerry, refer to this troubleshooter.

  7. From the newly opened Intellisync window, check the box next to “Calendar”: configure blackberry desktop organizer sync settings

  8. Now, select “Microsoft Outlook” and tap on “Next”: blackberry intellisync outlook

  9. Click “One way sync from Device”. This will transfer your BlackBerry calendars to Outlook installed on your PC. After this click “Next”: select how you want your calendar data to be synchronized between device and microsoft outlook

  10. From the next screen select which BlackBerry calendar events you’d like to export. If you want to transfer all events, click “Transfer all scheduled items”: blackberry desktop microsoft outlook options for calendar

  11. Click “Finish” to apply the changes: calendar setup finish blackberry to iphone

  12. After this tap on OK: blackberry calendar to iphone via outlook on pc

  13. Finally click the “Sync” button to transfer the BlackBerry calendar to Outlook installed on your PC: ync blackberry calendar to outlook to transfer to iphone

    NOTE: If you experience sync errors, please consult the following troubleshooting article: How to fix BlackBerry Desktop Software sync issues

The BlackBerry calendar events are now transferred to Outlook on your PC: outlook calendar containing blackberry events

Next transfer your Outlook calendar to iPhone

The final step is to transfer the Outlook calendar containing your BlackBerry events to the iPhone. To do so just follow the steps from the article below: Import Outlook calendar to iPhone

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