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System administrators can deploy CopyTrans programs on multiple end-user machines by following the steps below.

Download, install and start

There are two ways to deploy CopyTrans programs on a PC:

In most cases, we recommend system administrators to deploy the programs via the standalone executables rather than via CopyTrans Control Center. Note that neither method requires administrator rights on end-user PCs for installing or running the programs.

Standalone program executables

Each of the CopyTrans programs can be run directly without installation from a portable standalone executable. If using the standalone executable, no other files are required to run the applications. copytrans standalone program executables

  1. Download the CopyTrans program executable(s) of your choice:

  2. CopyTrans Contacts

    CopyTrans Shelbee

    CopyTrans Photo

    CopyTrans Manager

    CopyTrans TuneSwift


  3. Distribute the executable(s) to the end-user PCs on your network

  4. Optional: create a shortcut to the executable(s) on the end-user PC Desktop for easy access.

Pros and cons of deploying the CopyTrans program executables:


  • no installation required (click-and-run)
  • no installation = no need for an Internet connection
  • system administrators have control over what programs and what versions end-users run


  • manual update required

Program installation via the CopyTrans Control Center

The CopyTrans Control Center allows to start any CopyTrans program from a single window. It is designed in mind for easy end-user operated updates at the click of a button. The CopyTrans Control Center requires to be installed on the end-user PC. Install CopyTrans Control Center

  1. Download the CopyTrans Control Center Installer

  2. Follow the Installation Guide.

Pros and cons of deploying the CopyTrans Control Center:


  • no installation required (click-and-run)
  • installation requires an active Internet connection
  • system administrators have control over what programs and what versions end-users run


  • manual update required

Activate the program

System administrators can automate the activation process for any of the CopyTrans programs by creating a Windows registry file with the following contents and executing it on the end-user machine.

Where CopyTrans XXXXX is the name of the product, for example: CopyTrans Contacts” and “FFFF-…” is the activation code. The registry file may contain activation details for multiple CopyTrans programs.

NOTE: CopyTrans Contacts can also be activated via command line.

For manual activation, refer to these instructions.

Update to the latest version

To update the CopyTrans programs on end-user PCs you have two options:

  • If deploying the executable(s), download the latest version of the respective executable from the links above and re-distribute it to end-user PCs

  • If deploying the CopyTrans Control Center, instruct end users to follow these update instructions (no admin access required)

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