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This quick guide shows how to use iPod as a portable hard drive. To do that, you will need to enable iPod for Disk Use.

💡 IMPORTANT: This method won’t work for iPod Touch, as it has no capability of the Disk Mode.

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Disk Mode iPod

  1. Connect the iPod to the computer. Start iTunes.

  2. Select the iPod icon in the Source pane. enable disk use ipod

  3. Click on Summary. how to enable disk use on iTunes

  4. Tick Enable disk use or Manually manage music and videos.
    Either one will allow you to enable iPod as portable hard drive. If you select Manually manage music and videos, iTunes won’t automatically update the iPod. If you want iTunes to automatically update your iPod, select Enable disk use instead. disk mode ipod

  5. The iPod drive will appear in Windows Explorer. Double-click the icon to open the drive and view its contents. You can now simply drag files to/from your iPod. enable disk use in itunes

  6. Make sure to eject iPod before disconnecting it from your computer.

    Tip: The iPod display will read “Do Not Disconnect” when disk use is enabled (iPod shuffle’s status light will blink orange until after it’s ejected).

how to use an ipod
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