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If your iTunes library is too large and it threatens to take over your PC, you can easily move your iTunes library to external hard drive or any drive on your PC.

This tutorial demonstrates how to transfer iTunes to another drive; the method is compatible with all the latest Windows versions, including Windows 10.

  1. Download CopyTrans TuneSwift: Download CopyTrans TuneSwift

  2. Open CopyTrans TuneSwift.

  3. Click on “Transfer” in the main window: export itunes to external hard disk

  4. Then select “PC (Windows)”: transfer itunes to external drive

  5. Next, click on “New folder/drive on this computer” or “External hard drive” depending on where you wish to transfer your iTunes library to: move itunes to usb flash drive

    NOTE: There is a difference between transferring your iTunes library to a new computer, or simply transferring iTunes to a new hard drive/folder. As for transferring to a new computer, TuneSwift will make a copy of your iTunes library and save it, so you can restore the library to a new PC. In the second case, your iTunes library will be literally moved from its original location to the new location on the new system hard drive or the external HDD. This means that, after the transfer, your iTunes library will no longer be found in its original location.

  6. From the “External hard drive” or “New folder/drive on this computer” page, click on the Green pencil symbol. Then select the drive/folder from the pop-up window and click OK. move itunes library folder

  7. Next, click on “Start Transfer”:move itunes to external drive

  8. As the transfer is complete, your iTunes library has been successfully transferred to the new location. transfer itunes to new drive

Transfer iTunes library to external hard drive – YouTube video guide

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