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This is a quick guide demonstrating how to restore lost or deleted iPhone SMS and iMessage conversations from a backup previously made by iTunes.

It’s always a good idea to keep a backup of your iPhone text messages up-to-date in addition to the backup created by iTunes. While iTunes only backs up SMS and iMessage, CopyTrans Contacts helps you back up WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE conversations to your PC in addition to SMS and iMessage. Download CopyTrans Contacts now and prevent the loss of the iPhone text messages in the future:

Download CopyTrans Contacts

How to recover iPhone SMS

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone.

  2. Once the iPhone appears in iTunes click on the device button. Click on the phone icon

  3. Under Backups click “Restore from Backup…” Click on "Restore backup"

  4. Select a recent iPhone backup entry and click “Restore”. Choose the backup you want to restore from

    Note: Select the iPhone backup entry dated before you lost access to the iPhone SMS messages.

  5. Warning: restoring iPhone SMS and iMessage conversations from iTunes backup removes any media tracks which currently exist on the iPhone. iTunes then overwrites the iPhone contents and settings with the ones contained in the backup file. Restore is in process

  6. Once the restore is finished, you should regain access to the lost or previously deleted iPhone text messages.

Restore iPhone SMS without iTunes

This method won’t overwrite all your data, just the messages.
Did you know that CopyTrans Shelbee is able to restore the selected data only? No matter if it’s messages, notes or other apps.

Download CopyTrans Shelbee
  1. Keep iTunes closed and run CopyTrans Shelbee. Plug in your iPhone and click “Custom restore”.

  2. Click on “Custom restore”

  3. On the next screen, click on the pencil button.

  4. Choose the backup you want to restore from

  5. Select the iPhone backup containing your old iPhone SMS from the list in the newly-opened window. Select the iPhone backup

  6. Select “Messages” and click “Next”.
    NOTE: To make sure that all your messages are transferred, don’t forget to select “Accounts” as well.

  7. Select "Messages"

  8. Keep in mind that existing messages on your phone will be overwritten. If you are OK with that, click “Next”.

  9. Your messages will be overwritten

  10. Before restoring we make a temporary backup just in case something goes wrong. Select the backup location, then click “Start”.

  11. Select the backup location

  12. Wait untill until restore is finished.

  13. Restoring is in process

  14. Your messages were successfully restored.

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