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Your are going on a long road trip but your car stereo doesn’t have Bluetooth or an auxiliary jack. Why not get the songs off your iPhone and burn them to a CD or a DVD? The process is very easy and doesn’t require iTunes at all. It also works with any iPhone, iPod or iPad. Here’s how it’s done.

Let’s burn a CD from iPhone

  1. First get hold of a blank CD-R or a blank DVD-R

  2. Next, download CopyTrans Click here to get CopyTrans now

  3. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans, please refer to this article

  4. Fire up CopyTrans and connect the iPhone to the PC.

  5. Click Classic mode button: Classic mode button CopyTrans

    The iPhone songs, videos as well as other tracks and playlists display in the main program window main copytrans window

  6. From the top, select “Manual backup” choose manual backup in main copytrans window

  7. Select the songs or videos you’d like to transfer by checking the box next to each track. To select all songs at once, check the box on top of the track list copytrans window with tracks selected

  8. Next, click the “Folder” button backup to folder button in copytrans

  9. Click on the blue pencil symbol to choose the location on your PC where to copy the selected iPhone tracks select backup location window

  10. Select a PC folder or drive and hit “OK” choose backup folder popup

  11. Copying of iPhone music is in progress copytrans transfer in progress

    The iPhone songs are transferred to the PC location of your choice. Now it’s time to burn them to CD. iphone music in pc folder

  12. Insert the blank CD or DVD in your PC and if prompted by a popup, choose “Burn files to disc” windows autoplay burn files to disc

    NOTE: if you are not prompted, simply open “My Computer” and double-click on the CD drive.

  13. Drag and drop the songs you copied from the iPhone to the newly-opened CD window drag and drop files from PC to CD-R

  14. Once the files are added to the CD, hit the “Burn to disc” button on top burn to disc button in windows explorer

  15. From the new popup, choose “With a CD/DVD player”. This option is universally compatible with CD and DVD players on other computers and devices (i.e. a car stereo) burn disc as usb drive or for cd/dvd player

  16. Give the disc a name and click and click “Next” windows burn disc wizard

  17. The burning operation is under way dic burn in progress

That’s all. This is how to burn iPhone songs or videos to a CD or a DVD.

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