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Purchasing CopyTrans programs is pretty easy – just follow this quick step-by-step guide, and you will be all set.

There are two possible ways to buy CopyTrans programs:

Purchase from within the program (in-app purchase)

  1. You can buy directly from within the application without navigating to the website. Start the program you wish to purchase and go to “More” by clicking on a cogweel icon in the top-right corner of the program window, then select “Purchase”. There may be three horizontal lines or a down arrow symbol instead of the cogwheel, depending on the program you chose.
    Choose "More", then "Purchase"

  2. In the new window, choose “Buy Now”.
    CopyTrans Buy now button

  3. You can either purchase a single program (click on ‘Buy Now’) or add only $10 to its cost to get our complete application suite (click on ‘Upgrade now’).
    CopyTrans Buy or Upgrade now

  4. Once on the purchase web page, enter your details and click on “Pay Now”. Once the purchase is complete, you will get the message “You paid!”. The program will be activated automatically. However, do not forget to save the codes that will be delivered to your email address: they are important and you might need them for future use.
    Enter your account credentials

  5. Please return to the program purchase window and wait until the program is automatically activated.
    Waiting for purchase confirmation

  6. Enjoy the unlimited use of your CopyTrans program!
    CopyTrans program activated

Purchase from our online Store

These are the steps to buy from our online Store:

  1. Navigate to the Store section of our website.

  2. Choose the program(s) and click on “Add to cart”. You can always get a bundle of 7 programs at a great price.
    Buy CopyTrans7 Pack from Store

  3. Check if you have added the right program(s) to your cart. Click on “Buy now” to proceed with the purchase.Click on Buy now to proceed with the purchase>

  4. Enter your details on the next page and click on “Pay Now”. Once the purchase is complete, you will get the message “You paid!”. Enter your account credentials

  5. What’s next?

  • After the purchase is complete, you will be redirected to a new web page with your invoice and activation details. You will need them to activate the program.

  • You will also receive a copy of your invoice and activation details by email. If you did not receive it within 30 minutes, please check your spam folder and double check the email address under which you purchased the program. You can also get your activation codes from our website at any time.

  • If you have mistyped your email address while registering the purchase or have other problem retrieving the codes, please contact our support team at copytrans@copytrans.net.

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