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This article addresses the most common activation errors.

If you haven’t already followed the activation guide, we recommend you check it out first.

  • The activation code is for another product. This means you are trying to activate CopyTrans with your CopyTrans Contacts code, or CopyTrans Photo with your CopyTrans TuneSwift code… You get the idea.

  • The activation code you entered is too short/too long. Double-check the activation code for missing / extra characters.

  • The activation code is for another language. If you purchased the French, German, Spanish or Japanese versions of the software, refer to this article.

  • Your first name, last name or activation code code is mistyped. Please copy-paste the activation details you received into the respective activation fields. copy and paste the activation code from your invoice

  • The activation code has expired. If you purchased some time ago, you may have an outdated activation code, use the license page to obtain an activation code for the latest version.

  • The activation is no longer valid. activation code not valid

  • The following reasons may cause our programs to refuse your activation code:

    • Your purchase was refunded

    • You filed a dispute or a chargeback on the transaction

    • Your license was activated more then 5 times. Learn more on activation limit here

    • You tried to activate with a pirated code

    • If none of the above applies, please contact our Support Team.

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