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Whether you are an Angry Birds aficionado or a Clash of Clans addict, follow this quick guide to back up any iPhone game along with game progress to your PC. You can then transfer the backed-up games and scores to another iPhone via CopyTrans Apps. The method is independent from iTunes and iCloud backup and is compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Important information for iOS 9 and 10 users!

Click on one of the below options depending on what you’d like to do:

Back up iPhone games and game saves

  1. Download the free CopyTrans Apps on your computer:
    Download CopyTrans Apps

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Apps, please refer to this article.

  3. Start CopyTrans Apps and plug in the iPhone or iPad to the computer. The iOS games and other apps are displayed on the left of the program window. copytrans apps lists iphone game icons

  4. Select the iPhone games you wish to back up. To select multiple games press the CTRL key and click on each game icon. To select all apps and games at once, press CTRL + A. In this case, we are backing up Candy Crush and Angry Birds. copytrans apps selection of iphone games

    The below screenshot shows how Candy Crush Saga game progress appears on the original iDevice: candy crush saga scores on ipad

  5. Click “Back up apps”. click backup app button in copytrans apps

  6. Choose the location on the PC where to back up the games and click “OK”. browse for pc location with copytrans apps

  7. From the next popup window, click “OK”. copytrans apps popup to backup iphone games

  8. The selected iOS games and scores are backed up into individual IPA files at the selected PC location. zip files in windows explorer window

    NOTE: each IPA file contains the game application file and the associated game scores. You can keep the IPA files safely backed-up on the PC in case you need to restore the games and game progress to the same iPhone or to another iOS device.

Transfer iOS games and scores to another iPhone or iPad

CopyTrans Apps also allows you to transfer iOS games that you previously backed-up to another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and to restore the game scores.


If you just bought a new iPhone and want to transfer all games with scores along with the settings, photos and other content from the old iPhone, use the free CopyTrans Shelbee instead. Download CopyTrans Shelbee

  1. Run CopyTrans Shelbee and connect the old iPhone. Click “Backup”. Choose backup from the main menu

  2. The program will now back up iPhone’s app documents with progress and achievements, iPhone messages, contacts, entire Camera Roll and settings. Backup validation is included in the backup process

  3. To restore the backed up content to the new iPhone, connect your new device and click “Restore”. Choose restore option from the main menu

  4. Due to restrictions introduced for iOS 9 or later, you will have to manually download the respective apps from the AppStore. As soon as the icon will appear on your device, all the data will sync – just as you remember it.re-download the respective apps from the AppStore

Used device

If it’s not a new device you wish to transfer games to, then follow this tutorial:

  1. Start CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPhone or iPad where you wish to transfer the games.

  2. Click the “Install apps” button on the top of the program window. button to install apps in copytrans

  3. A new window opens. From there navigate to the location of the IPA files that you previously backed up on the PC. Click “Open”. copytrans app window to open backed up ipa files

    TIP: alternatively drag and drop the IPA files from the PC directly to the open CopyTrans Apps window.

  4. Accept the message from the popup by clicking “OK”. install apps popup

  5. The iOS games complete with game saves are transferred to the other iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. candy crush progress on iphone

back up and restore iPhone games and game saves – YouTube tutorial

This is a quick method to back up and transfer iOS games along with game scores from one iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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