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If you have a question about any CopyTrans program or need help, please follow these quick directions:

  1. The fastest way to find an answer is to check out the Frequently Asked Questions which include informative and easy to follow user guides as well as powerful troubleshooting resources to address your question.

  2. If you failed to achieve what you wanted with the software, please generate the program log files and send them to our support team telling us about the matter. This way, our engineers will immediately have all the relevant information to track down the issue.

  3. If you did not find the answer to your question in our FAQ section, please contact our support team at the following email address: copytrans@copytrans.net

    We answer all support queries within 24 hours.

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  • Gloria Hulst

    I see that the program pulled contacts that had been deleted but no text messages. Does it save it to a different file that I am not able to see?

    • Hi Gloria, CopyTrans Contacts should be able to also detect your iPhone text messages. Please contact our Support Team at: copytrans@copytrans.net in order to get help troubleshooting the issue.

  • Philipp


    I just activated CopyTrans Photo on my computer. But I cannot transfer pictures from computer to my iPohne. The function Ctrl+I is still grey.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Dear Philipp, I just replied to your email in our Support inbox. Please follow the directions I sent you in order to sort this out and to be able to transfer photos between your PC and iPhone via CopyTrans Photo.

  • Janice

    I want to put some files from one itunes library to a 2nd itunes library. I don’t want to sync the 2 together. Hubby got an ipod touch and started a new library but would like only some files transfered… Can I do it with copy trans and if so how? Thanks you for your time. Janice Seaton

    • Hi Janice, if you already have an iDevice associated with the first iTunes library, use CopyTrans on your husband’s computer in order to transfer selected tracks from the iDevice to the second iTunes library. To find out more about how to use CopyTrans, see this guide. Need additional help? Contact me directly at: copytrans@copytrans.net

      Kind regards,

  • Roger

    I need to activate my product as I needed to reinstall.
    I have the PayPal receipt but not email from you any longer.

    • Hi Roger, be sure to contact me at our Support email directly: copytrans@copytrans.net. I will then provide you with instructions on how to quickly get your updated activation code.


  • Ken

    I have a new iPod. I do not want to iTunes. Copy Trans Manager does not allow me to add music to the device. All drivers have been installed and the most up-to-date program has been downloaded.

    • Hi Ken, CopyTrans Manager is fully compatible with all Apple iDevices including all iPod models and should, therefore, work with your device. Could you please contact Support directly at: copytrans@copytrans.net? We will answer within 24 hours of receiving your message.

  • Looges

    I’ve purchased and installed using activation codes; however, when I open the CopyTrans Control Center and click on CopyTrans Contacts nothing happens.

    • Hi Looges and thank you for your purchase. We are here to help; please send our Support Team a quick email describing the issue at the following email address: copytrans@copytrans.net. We will help you sort this out within 24 hours.

  • Lidia

    When I tried a ‘Copytrans drivers installer’, I got an error message continuously that says
    ‘Oops! An error occurred during the download. Please check your internet connection and try again’

    Thank you for your help!

  • Han

    How long is my Copytrans purchase good for?

    • Hi Han, once you purchase CopyTrans, you can use your license for as many years and as many backups as you want.
      Plus, you can upgrade to newer versions for free for at least one year after the purchase. If you have additional questions, be sure to contact our Support Team at the following email address: copytrans@copytrans.net

  • ★☆Diana h here ★☆ ‏

    i keep conecting my ipad but it doesnt work

  • Amrita Priyambada

    i tired to export all my contacts from iphone 4 to gmail .. it asked me either to purchase the application or share it on facebook tweeter etc and now that i have done it, it shows only to purchase and still m not able to export ny contacts.. kindly help ..

  • agw

    I am attempting to export contacts to outlook, going through steps as shown in your video but only get error message that “contacts could not be exported”. What to do?

  • Momsen

    Hi, I can’t open the Copy Trans Manager and I do not know why, I just click and nothing happens, I can open all other (CopyTrans, Photo, Contacts … all) Minus the manager, I desistalei and installed two times and still can not open, please help me.

    • Hi Momsen, this is odd indeed. Please make sure to contact our Support Team at: copytrans@copytrans.net. We will help you troubleshoot the issue within 24 hours of receiving your email.

  • kings121

    how can i stop copytrans manager from rearranging my play list everytimd i hooked up my device to it??

    • Hello, CopyTrans Manager will not rearrange tracks or playlists on your iDevice unless you manually choose to do so. Please contact our Support at the email address below and we will help you sort this out: copytrans@copytrans.net

  • dont worry about it

    I just would like to say that this product deleted my music from my phone and all my phone does now is skipped through and never plays anything anymore, your product is something that is cheaply made it will never be used by me and i will never tell anybody about this product and offer nothing but bad reviews.. also i would like to say next time i try and pay for something and my information is taken and used i will sue. yall are a terrbile company

    • Hello. Please note that none of our programs will delete the music or other contents from your iPhone. It looks like your iPhone music library file is corrupt which not an uncommon problem and cannot be caused by any of our programs rather by a failed sync with iTunes. Please make sure to contact our Support Team who will help you sort this out. Our Support Team email address is as follows: copytrans@copytrans.net.

  • nonyyy

    Is it possible to save voicemails?

  • Miles

    Hey guys copy trans keeps messing up my album artwork by putting the wrong on even after i manually correct it. How do i fix this issue?

  • Ramesh Poochool

    copy trans manager not impoting all windows contact list

  • Kain

    I tried to activate but it says ERROR and that the code for another language. What to do ??

    • Hi Kain, did you purchase our programs in other language than English? Are you trying to activate the English version of your purchased programs? Please contact our Support Team at: copytrans@copytrans.net. We will quickly help you activate your program.

  • joe j.

    I bought copytrans. can copytrans help me with this problem: when I load new music off cds into my iTunes, the songs don’t transfer to my ipod when I sync my ipod. the computer that I use is not the original computer I first used with this ipod

    • Hi Joe, did you already use CopyTrans to back up all of your iPod audio/video tracks and playlists to your iTunes library by following these directions?

      If yes, and if you can see all of your tracks loaded up in iTunes, connect your iPod to your PC, and run iTunes. Next click on your iPod when it appears in iTunes and from the “Music” tab ensure that both the “Sync music” and “Entire music library” options are checked. Finally, click on the iTunes “Sync” button. This should transfer all of your iTunes songs to your iPod. If you need further assistance, please contact us at: copytrans@copytrans.net

  • CindyC

    Should I be able to see contacts and calendars on the PC within Copytrans when the iPhone is not connected? They are only there when there is a connection. If I have my iPhone I don’t need to see it on the PC. I lost my hard drive with Outlook on it and cannot get it reactivated, so was exploring other possibilities.

  • Barbara

    How can I select the contacts from my contact list that I want to keep, instead of deleting the ones I want to omit?

    • Hi Barbara. Make sure to select each contact you wish to delete. To select contacts in CopyTrans Contacts, simply check the box next to each contact entry. To find out more about how to selectively delete multiple contacts from your iDevice via using CopyTrans contacts, please refer to this article in our FAQ.

  • cierra

    i know my password but cannot type in because my screen is cracked, what to do?

  • Louislou

    My device is detected, and I already put in music in the copytrans manager library. But when I click the “add tracks to playlist” button, it gives a window that asks me to open a file, but what is that? I’m trying to put music into the iPod and it’s not what the picture on this site looks like. I also already updated it. Please help.

    • Hi Louislou, when you click the “add tracks to playlist” button, this will indeed open a new window asking you to browse to and select the tracks you wish to add. If, on the other hand, you already have the tracks show in CopyTrans Manager’s window, simply make sure to click on the “Update” button to apply the changes. To find out more about how to put CopyTrans Manager to use, please refer to this tutorial.

  • Brad

    Can you please let me know how to transfer music from my iphone 4 to my ipad using copytrans?

  • Jeff

    I cannot seem to import my Palm files into copytrans. I want to use copytrans on my desktop and on my iphone for all my contacts. I want to discontinue using my Palm device. I followed all the directions, 1st going into Palm desktop then going into contacts section, then highlighting all contacts, then exporting those contacts in a place where I know I saved it. Then I tried to import from that place into copytrans and it is importing some phone numbers but not all the information in my Palm contacts. thank you.

  • PJ

    This copytrans software is very disappointing. I was trying to use my copied files and it appears as a .tsw file. Never seen one before nor can my computer open it. some much for this being easy!

    • Hi PJ. Are you trying to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer? The TSW files are simply the backup of your iTunes library created by CopyTrans TuneSwift which you can use to transfer iTunes to another computer as described in this quick video. If you need assistance, please contact me directly at: copytrans@copytrans.net

      Kind regards,


  • Miguel Ramirez

    Hi my name is Miguel. My old laptop is no longer working. and I forgot the password to activation code is there anyway you can help me? My email to the account to it was ram4449ers@aol.com

  • Charly


    Under Copytrans contacts (1.028), I got a mesage for new version (1.029), I couldn’t succeed to download it.