My iPod is Mac formatted. Can I still use CopyTrans?

To backup a Mac formatted iPod you will need to use the latest version of CopyTrans. CopyTrans reads Mac and PC formatted iPods “out of the box”. No need to install third party software to teach your PC how to read HFS+ formatted drives. CopyTrans knows how to do it; all by itself. To backup […]

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How to use CopyTrans programs on macOS

There’s no official CopyTrans for Mac version. CopyTrans programs were specifically designed for Windows operating systems, but there’s a way to use them on your Mac. To run CopyTrans programs on a Mac, you’ll need a virtual machine. Virtual machines emulate the Windows operating system on a Mac. This guide demonstrates how to install VirtualBox […]

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CopyTrans Troubleshooting

Welcome to CopyTrans support page. It contains a collection of the most common support cases prepared by our customer support agents. You will mostly likely find everything you need on this page. Please use the main Table of contents to navigate through this guide. We recommend you starting from the First Aid section. If your […]

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