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In most cases, this error is due to your antivirus or firewall software preventing our products from connecting to your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Below is a list of the most frequently used firewalls, with instructions on how to configure them in order to allow our products access to your device.

McAfee Personal Firewall (as well as McAfee Internet Security Suite)

Complete User manual (PDF)

  • Open McAfee Personal Firewall
  • In the program list of the Internet Programs section, right-click on the product you are using and choose “Allow all”
  • Close the McAfee Personal Firewall window

Norton Personal Firewall

User manuals (Symantec.com)

  • Open Norton
  • Click “Personal Firewall”
  • Click “Preferences”
  • In the “Internet Use” section, select “Personal Firewall” and then click “Configure”
  • In the “Firewall Protections” section, scroll down the program list to the product you are using and change “Block or Defined by user” to “Allow”
  • Click “Apply” and “OK”


Zone Labs ZoneAlarm

Complete user manual (PDF)

  • Open ZoneAlarm
  • Right-click on “Programs”
  • In the program list, choose the product that is unable to connect to your iPod Touch or iPhone and choose “Access”
  • Click the question mark or the red cross button and choose “Allow”
  • The Access area should be completely green, when everything is ready
  • Close ZoneAlarm

If this does not fix the issue please refer to this FAQ entry which will give additional tips on fixing this problem.

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