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The iPhone Apps Manager

  • Use your iPhone as a USB drive
  • Add, save or delete movies, ePUB books, PDF, Excel, Word documents and more
  • Install apps to your iPhone or iPad
  • Uninstall unused apps to save up space

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CopyTrans Apps main menu

Add your files to iPhone

Use your iPhone or iPad to keep your documents, books or movies. All you have to do is install an app that supports your file format and drag and drop the files to it in CopyTrans Apps.

Add files to iPhone

Install iPhone apps without iTunes

Do you keep your favorite apps on your PC in the .IPA format? You can install them on your iPhone using CopyTrans Apps, even if they have been deleted from the App Store.
In order to back up and restore your apps with the app data (game scores, passwords, documents), please use CopyTrans Shelbee.

Install applications on iPhone

Uninstall unused apps to save up space

When you open CopyTrans Apps you see an overview of all the apps with their documents as well as the space they take on your device. You can sort by size to find out which apps take the most space and delete them.

uninstall iPhone apps

What people say about CopyTrans Apps:

Great fast service and awesome program
This is such a fantastic app. very user friendly and nice interface. changing backup location tends to lag a bit but thats about the only negative part.
Seems like a solution for a problem that was driving me crazy . I am using Copytrans and Copytrans manager to backup my Iphone 6. I do not want to install Itunes . I have created a Manual back up folder . I see only the mp3 files in the backup folder. Is the artwork also backed up ? Are ringtones able to be backed up without Itunes ? Thanks for a great product .
AWESOME product!! Lets me do everything and anything with my iphone
Dean Yang
Gerry Aussant

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Download English installer | 9 MB