How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues

How to fix iPhone WiFi connectivity issues?

As an iPhone user, you may have come across a number of issues relating to the iPhone WiFi and the device’s connectivity to the Internet. Do you experience one or more of the iPhone WiFi connection problems listed below? If yes, make sure to review the tips offered by this troubleshooting article in order to fix the iPhone WiFi not working or not connecting to the Internet.

Common iPhone WiFi problems?

My iPhone WiFi is greyed out

This is by far the most common iPhone WiFi connectivity problem. The issue is especially widespread on iPhone 4S devices but users having the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 have also been known to experience the issue. iphone wifi switch dim or greyed out

The reason behind iPhone WiFi switch not working

The exact cause of iPhone WiFi switch being greyed out is not fully known but is well-documented. There are rumors that the issue is related to iOS 6 and the power-management optimizations introduced with this firmware version. iOS 6 is designed to save energy by turning off any hardware elements which are not currently being used on the iPhone. This includes the iPhone’s WiFi, Bluetooth, and baseband (EDGE, 3G) radios.

Due to insufficient pre-release testing of iOS 6, WiFi radio chips on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 – and sometimes – iPhone 5 running this firmware version may overheat. As a consequence to the iOS being able to switch off hardware features on the iPhone, the WiFi chip will automatically be disabled once it overheats. Once the chip is disabled, the WiFi on your iPhone appears as greyed out. iphone wifi switch dim and inaccessible

In addition to the WiFi switch being greyed-out, you can also observe the following iPhone behavior:

  • “Wi-Fi Address” field under Settings General > About is missing or displaying “N/A” wifi address on iphone not displayed

  • When you try to access Bluetooth on the iPhone via Settings > Bluetooth, it is inaccessible and there is a spinning wheel instead of a switch to turn ON or OFF bluetooth defunc on iphone

How to fix a disabled iPhone WiFi switch?

There are at least two ways which have proven to fix the issue. The first method is to use the iPhone’s settings as described below:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone and ensure Airplane Mode is disabled disable airplane mode on iphone

  2. Next, navigate to General > Reset and tap “Reset Network Settings” reset network settings on iphone
    NOTE: resetting network settings will remove all saved WiFi passwords from the iPhone

  3. Finally, restart the iPhone. To restart the iPhone press and hold both the Sleep and Home buttons until you see the iPhone screen go black press and hold sleep and home buttons to restart iphone

  4. If this doesn’t help and you still have the iPhone WiFi switch greyed out, make sure to upgrade your iOS to the latest available version. Apple also recommends to use iTunes and restore the iPhone.

    NOTE: Upgrading your iOS or restoring the iPhone via iTunes. Be sure to backup your iPhone. To learn more about backing up iOS data, please refer to the following page: Backup iPhone Data.

Will placing the iPhone in a freezer fix the WiFi switch from being greyed out?

There are certain forum threads which deem an alternative solution to fix the WiFi issue.

According to at least one discussion in the Apple community forums, placing the iPhone in a zipper bag and putting it in a freezer is believed to resolve the problem, albeit temporarily.

The reason behind putting the iPhone in a zipper bag and then in your refrigerator’s freezer compartment is that the low temperature will cool down the overheated WiFi radio chip. This will in turn trigger iOS 6 to enable back the iPhone WiFi hardware. We have not tested this method and we do not recommend it. The quick temperature shift between your room and the freezer could potentially damage the iPhone.

If at this point your iPhone WiFi continues to be dim, you must contact Apple directly.

I cannot connect my iPhone to a WiFi network

If your iPhone WiFi radio is operational (e.g. not greyed out), and you cannot connect to a WiFi network, follow the below procedure:

  1. Ensure that you are trying to connect to the right WiFi network and that you are entering the correct password enter password for wifi network on iphone
    NOTE: WiFi network passwords are case-sensitive and could contain numbers and special characters

  2. If this does not solve the issue, reset the iPhone network settings by navigating to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

My iPhone drops the WiFi connection

First and foremost, make sure that the desired WiFi network signal is strong enough and if not, get closer to the WiFi router and its transmission antenna. Note that the problem might come from the WiFi router or your Internet Service Provider and not from the iPhone. Therefore, be sure that the rest of the devices connected to this network do not experience the same issue.

  1. If signal strength is not a problem and the iPhone still disconnects from the WiFi network, navigate to Settings > WiFi and tap on the arrow next to the problematic WiFi network enter wifi network options on iphone

  2. Tap “Renew Lease” renew wifi network lease iphone

  3. If this does not fix the issue, tap on the “Forget this Network” button instead. If you do so, you will need to reconfigure the desired WiFi network on your iPhone (e.g. enter the WiFi password again) iphone forget this network feature

  4. If you still experience iPhone dropping WiFi connection, you would need to reset the iPhone network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

I don’t have Internet access even after having connected iPhone to WiFi

There is another common WiFi connectivity issue that you might experience on the iPhone. Once you successfully connect to a WiFi network, you do not have access to the Internet. Follow the steps below in order to try and resolve the issue:

  1. If you are trying to connect to a public WiFi network, which requires additional authentication (beyond having entered the correct WiFi password), please see this Apple-provided article: Understanding subscription Wi-Fi networks additional login window shown upon connecting to wifi network on iphone

  2. If you are connected to your home WiFi network, check whether the rest of your devices and/or computers are connected to the same WiFi network and whether they have Internet access. If they do, reset the iPhone Network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings reset network settings on iphone

  3. If none of your devices connected to the same WiFi network have Internet access, turn off your WiFi router and keep the device off for at least 30 seconds. Then turn back on the device and stand-by until the WiFi signal is restored. Turning off the WiFi router will in the vast majority of cases, reset and re-establish the router network settings. However, consult the user manual to learn more about how to reset network settings for your specific router.

If nothing helps, and you continue experiencing iPhone WiFi connectivity issues, be sure to contact Apple directly or schedule a visit to the Genius Bar in the nearest Apple Store. You iPhone might be up for replacement.

Before you replace the iPhone – back up your data

Before you opt for the solution of last resort – having the iPhone replaced – be sure to back up all the needed data in advance.

Back up iPhone data

  • Michael Kolynych

    I upgraded to the latest software and it fixed the network connection issue

    • Krasimir CopyTrans

      Hi Michael, thank you for your input. Could you please let us know more about your experience in sorting out the matter? Are you referring to iOS 7.0.4 as the “latest software”? Also what iOS device are you using exactly? Thanks!

  • Sabina Dogic

    It didnt work on mine… Iphone 4S, 1,5 year old, wi-fi disfunctioned since 7.0.3 and 7.0.4. With 7.0.0 it stil worked..

    • Krasimir CopyTrans

      Hi Sabina, if you have the Wi-Fi switch greyed out, it is possible that the Wi-Fi radio chip on your iPhone overheats. I’d advise you to take the device to the nearest Apple Store for repair or replacement.

      • Sabina Dogic

        Thank you for your reply… It is because of overheat, I know that by know… But since the phone is 1,5 year old Apple does not repair or replace for free. I have to pay for “their update” and this is not acceptable for me.

        • Krasimir CopyTrans

          This is indeed unfortunate.

          • DavidB

            My iphone does conect to wifi in any other place but at the office is the only device that doesn’t work with the wifi conexion, in settings it shows it is connected but the wifi icon in the bar menu doesnt show and i’m not able to open any internet services, please help me!

      • Jill

        Why has this happened when I update to ios7 it was working fine maybe it’s not meant for 4s iPhones is that the problem as my wifi is grey and what you say doesn’t work when it was fine before update ! Not happy !

  • bozotheclown

    I have an iPhone 4s that is still on iOS 6 and recently encountered this problem recenty. I just figured out today that if I turn off the wifi, the phone will cool back down, I did not encounter the greyed out wifi button, but phone would get very hot. It started happening about late October, early november. The only updates have been the applications themselves. Never had the issue before… its odd that it would start occurring now…..the apps are updating themselves to be iOS7 compatible…..maybe its just bad application code?

    • Krasimir CopyTrans

      Hello and thanks for your input. The iPhone 4S WiFi radio chip is indeed known to overheat on iOS 6 and iOS 7. Why this only happened now in your case, I cannot be sure about.

  • Lova

    Hi. I followed every steps but, there something wrong with my iPhone. its still Scans WIFI but couldn’t find any or the nearest.

    • Krasimir CopyTrans

      Lova, make sure that WiFi networks are indeed in range of your iPhone. If the issue continues, take the device to the nearest Apple Store. It could be a hardware issue.

      • Lova

        I’ve tried every nearest wifi, still the same. I toke my iPhone to Apple Store and they said. I have to instal new Dive or buy new parts.

  • Krasimir CopyTrans

    Hi Darryl, are you trying to update the iOS version of your iDevice? If so, you can do so without the need for WiFi but via iTunes. See more about your update options here:

  • Patrick H

    My wifi works and then suddenly drops out, I have updated my 4s, reset connections etc and nothing seems to fix it. Is there a problem with the phone? I updated it a while back around the IOS 6.3 I think and have faced issues ever since which is extremely painful.

    • Krasimir CopyTrans

      Hi Patrick, it could be a hardware issue where your WiFi chip overheats and stops working correctly. I’d advise you to visit the nearest Apple Store in your area for iPhone repair or replacement.

  • Charlie Rodarte

    What worked for me was the network reset

  • Michelle S.

    My phone just stopped connecting to wifi today, I tried to toggle the wifi button off then on again, but once I toggled it off it greyed itself out and I haven’t been able to turn it on since. I tried the network reset but it didn’t help…my phone is not even a year old. I am running iOS 7.0.4 since the day it came out. Any idea why it just stared happening today?

    • Hello Michelle, looks like a hardware problem with the WiFi radio chip. Your iPhone might still be under warranty. Be sure to take it to the nearest Apple Store for repair/replacement.

      • Michelle S.

        Just got off the phone with Apple and they said to back up my iPhone to iTunes on my computer (because iCloud obviously won’t work since I can’t connect to wifi) and then, through iTunes, restore the phone back to it’s factory settings and then restore and update it. I just did it and it didn’t work. I have AppleCare+ so they said it’s a hardware issue and are replacing it for free. Just wanted to let you know, maybe this will work for others on here. Thank you for your input!

  • Clarz

    i have an iPhone4s and the wifi has greyed out.
    i tried the freezer thing.. and it just worked for a few minutes. i’ve tried restoring it, that hasn’t worked. i tried the “reset network settings”.. that hasn’t worked either. i really don’t know what to do because i dont live n the U.S

    • Hi Clarz, if the freezer solution worked for you, this means that your iPhone WiFi radio chip is overheating. This in turn shuts down the chip which makes the WiFi switch in Settings to appear greyed out. You must take the iPhone to the nearest Apple Store for replacement or repair.

    • Flavius

      Just as Krasimir said, you probably have got an overheating wifi chip, and that means you’ve got to replace it.

  • Sammy

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. resetting network settings worked for me.

  • Hello Addy, the issue in your case could be caused by a hardware failure. Please be sure to render a visit to the Apple Store for repair or replacement of your iPhone.

  • Addy

    I have experienced this trouble with iPhone 4s, the problem this phone version has a problen with a small device integret circuit (IC) which function to connect the wifi, once gets overheat it expires,
    Today I got it repaired at the shop,
    do not waste your time in rest network, or re-install the OS etc.. all I have done, just time wasting and losing all your apps then download again etc,

    • Hi Addy, thanks for sharing your experience. In many cases, the problem is indeed caused by overheating WiFi radio chip. Having said this, giving the other solutions a try is worth it, especially if you are not sure what exactly produced the issue.

  • This is a great article. Going to share it around with my team

  • Thanks for the insight!

  • Hello Curt, please refer to the following Apple support article which may help you troubleshoot the issue:

  • Hi Thomas, it is difficult to know whether the issue comes from your iPhone or from your new router. If the drop-outs only occur at your place, it means there’s something wrong with the router. Be sure to check with AT&T directly. Otherwise, check out this Apple support document to further troubleshoot the problem:

  • sangay

    “the freezer” mean normal refrigerator??? please help me to solve my problem on Wi-Fi connection.

    • Hi, the freezer solution refers to placing the iPhone in a place with temperatures below 0. This has helped some people, however we do not recommend the method.

  • Aizaz

    plzzz help me, My iphone is not showing wifi signal and the switch for wifi is off and it could’nt ON,,, plzz let help me soo i can solve my problem…. i have implement every thing except Freezer Plzzzzzzz Help me ;( 🙁 What can i do???

    • Hello Aizaz if nothing from the above troubleshooting instructions worked for you, you’d need to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store for repair or replacement.

  • Ali Hassan Cheema

    hello ….can you help me my iphine 4s wifi not working

  • aS


    I had the wifi greyed out on an iOS device and I did the hair dryer method…

    Get a hair dryer to overheat the device when powered on. Heat around the top of the device near the audio jack. Keep pressing the home button to be able to see the main screen until you see a message saying the device is too hot. Then turn off the hair dryer and turn off the iOS device, placing in the fridge for five minutes to cool down.

    I did this twice and wifi would come back but would not connect. I then reset network settings and wifi is back and connected again.


    • Hi and thanks for sharing your experience. Even though it worked for you, we wouldn’t recommend heating the iPhone with a hair dryer as excess heat may ultimately damage the phone irreversibly.

  • Colyn

    I have WiFi when I am in any other part of my house and as soon as I go to my room the my phone won’t pick up WiFi. It started to happen after the IOS 7.0.4 update

  • Bradley Warren-Kyle

    for the iphone 4 gsm:
    if you don’t get reception. and if you have recently ‘seviced’ and or disassembled your phone yourself (yep, bye bye warranty) ensure the screw at the very top in the middle of the iphone is properly connected (coincidentally the only one required to hold in the shield)

  • maximus-primus

    thanks your tips helped me restore my wifi service!

  • emma

    hello can you help please? i have an iphone 3gs and it will not pick up any wifi or bluetooth i have tried resetting the network setting and it still is not working. when i tried that renew lease thing my iphone showed nothing in those spaces at all.
    Any ideas?

  • Ali

    Hi All, I have iphone 4s and I want to say the refrigerators method worked for me.

  • Hi Hassan, I cannot say for sure. Downgrading to iOS 6 from iOS 7 could be a complicated matter.

  • ItsTurtleTime

    My wifi is greyed out but Bluetooth is still working and there is an address in the Wifi settings area. I’ve tried the Network resetting a couple of times now but doesn’t work. I did the Apple Support suggestions with no luck. Any ideas?

  • uzair hussain iphone is connect to wifi but internet not access…can any buddy help me..

  • Moshe Steiner

    The freezer trick indeed works, but holds for a short time….. after freezing the iPhone, the battery reports empty, and after you start charging, wifi is back… again for relatively a short period…. but this sequence is consistent….
    damn ios 7….

  • Mike

    HI, my problem is a little strange. I, and the rest of the house, are able to connect to the wifi, but sometimes it isn’t able to load anything from the internet. Our wireless router seems to be working fine, as all the computers in the house are connected just fine. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems like at least for several hours a day at seemingly random times we can’t connect to the internet. I tried reseting the network settings on my phone and it hasn’t worked. Any ideas?

    • Adeem Abbas

      same problem

      • Tristan Murphy

        Sometimes to many devices are on the same network. if there i to many some devices will be connected but not able to use the network. A lot of modems are 4 or 6 to 8 devices. Try and shut off a device’s wifi if its not in use.

  • Jennifer Adu Pokua

    Yes the freezer is the solution for me too it worked ,thanks guys

  • Besfort

    My wifi is not working..It only works when I’m in front of the modem of wifi but if I walk three steps away it unconnect.I have tried everything (reset,restore the iphone) but it didn’t work… what can I do? help me please

    • Ketan

      Restore the iPhone it should work.

  • gardengranny

    iphone was working and all of a sudden says parental control won’t let me access the internet through wifi. The wifi is fine and no parental control has been set up. Its my internet and none set and phone was working but all of a sudden no wifi acccess. Any help?

  • fmaniac

    My iPhone 4S was replaced with a new phone for this second time this week. The first and second phone had the grayed out Wifi. It seemed to happen after I upgraded to ios 7.1.1. The third phone I purposely avoided any updates to ios 7.1.1. I think Apple is concealing an ios issue.

  • nihas

    hai guys in my iphone when i connect to wifi .. not connecting phone showing unable to join .. pls how can i connect can u help me

  • Ali Abbas

    My phone is really wierd its the internet it blacksout after 10 wheb the phone is on the phone is locked not off anyone help please its really annoying

  • Ķĥáń

    Please Help Me !
    I bought iphone from my friend he went to italia now but it have wifi problem i did freezer yeah it work for short time i think 1 months now it have the same problem so please help me what should i do now ? some time it drop the wifi signal /sometimes it grey out….please help

  • Nabeel

    Hi I am also facing same problem sometimes my iphone is not detecting and network i tried your method I put my iphone in freezer it works nut after an hour or you after heating the same problem i am facing my iphone is not detecting any wifi network

    please reply me

  • RG

    Hi can anyone help me? I received a replacement iphone 4 from apple in the post today and updated it to ios 7.1.2. Everything about the phone is perfect except for the wifi. I have to be standing at most a metre away from the wifi router for the wifi to connect. When I am standing over a metre away the wifi signal completely drops. This was never an issue on my old iphone 4 and no other devices in my house have this problem so the problem mustn’t be the router. The problem is definitely the iphone but whether it is the software or hardware I can’t be sure. I have tried turning off both the router and iphone and I have tried ALL of the above and more but have had no luck. Apple have given me a lot of trouble and I have had to send back a few faulty phones they have given me so sending the phone back is really the last thing I want to do as it is perfect except for this one problem. Has anyone experienced anything similar or does anyone have any idea as to how to sort out this problem? Thank you so much any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bobbi

    What if it says “Could not scan for wireless network”

  • Flavius

    You can’t, because Apple isn’t signing iOS 6 anymore.

  • I used the heat up method.
    hair dryer on ihe top of your phone until i shows heat warning then simply turn it off and let it cool down. 11 months later my wifi hasnt greyed out again

  • Cody kidd

    Hello. My iPhone wifi is greyed out and i updated it, restored it, reset ther network, restarted, and none of them worked. please help

    • Hair dryer method or replace wireless module

    • Ketan

      Just type in Google wifi greyed out it will show u a video how to solve the wifi issue by using blow dryer. It worked for me, apple was asking me £159 to replace the the component I did it by watching on you tube. Try to watch video first and then see what happens. Good luck.

  • BritGross

    My problem is it says Incorrect Password when its right Ive tried all these to see still nothing my parents and sis iPhones connect fine their laptops and my mac also connect fine when my husband visits with me his iPhone connects fine but my iPhone doesn’t and keeps saying that very rarely it connects out of no where then goes off again when using the internet or game or app that needs wifi

    • Reset router and test it with no password or a simple password -eg. 123456

      Also reset network settings in iphone.

  • Obada Husni

    hey krasimir …i just bought a new iphone 5 and as all common problems the wifi icon is greyed out and the bluetooth isnt working as the steps you mentioned, i folllowed your steps of resetting the network and restarting the iphone it didnt help and now im upgrading to the latest iOS version via itunes hoping it will work … my question whats the next solution if updating the software doesnt work…what do i do?? please reply…!!

    • Obada, in your case if you’ve bought it new, then simply claim on the warranty and get a replacement

  • J C le Roux

    I have the ipone 4s and the last 5 days it doesn’t pick up eny wifi box. I tried to restart the settings and updated the phone and still nothing? it’s a wifi box that I’ve been using for 3 years.


    Every once in a while my iOS will take a couple seconds to connect. If you wake up the phone then the wifi symbol will not be there for a second or two. I hate when this happens, it happens mostly on Sundays. It fucks up all my apps. Sometimes a reset will help but sometimes if I am connected to iCloud it makes things worse. I have an iphone

  • Simon Holmes

    i phones are crap beset with problems and unable to perform basic smart phone tasks like wifi and bluetooth connections ,yet people rave about them you all believe the hype

  • mike

    ok so my iphone 4s wont connect to my houses wifi even when i type in the correct password and everything ive rest my phone and everything but it wont connect it connects to everything else though and our computers and xbox connect to our wifi. can someone help?

  • Siobhan Elizabethh Kelly

    Hi, my phone has been playing up for like 3 days now and nothing I’ve tried works! Phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi, and refusing to connect properly (e.g. it will connect for around 20 seconds then disconnect). It keeps telling me my icloud password is wrong when I know it isn’t, because I’ve entered it on my laptop, and it’s working fine. Really starting to annoy me as I’ve had to reset the phone, but because it’s locked me out of icloud and my WiFi isn’t working, I can’t reinstall anything on my phone such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat etc. Can someone PLEASE give me a solution that actually works?

  • Sanwal Shah

    What’s ‘the freezer’??

  • Jose Ricardo Stolpen

    Apple ……. N.E.V.E.R M.O.R.E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MikaelaCooling


  • Hi Veleriya, this is really odd. Did you try resetting your iPhone network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings?

    • Valeriya Simeonova

      Yes, i tried several times. As I know the phone was dropped, i get it with white screen, and i did repair it. Is it possible this problem be caused by dropping or by changing the broadband, because I have no other other explanation gor myself ?

      • Yep, it is very probable that the WiFi antenna was damaged after the iPhone was dropped. Which could be causing the trouble in first place, Valya.

  • victor lobo

    A usd 750 phones gives me wifi problèms, i am Askin myself was ut Worth it.I went to Apple in Bordeaux France n théy tell me thé problèm is not repairable and pay 236 usd and replace it with a new same modèl phone ….Sorry never again a Apple

  • Sergio Garduno

    i have a problem so when i want to connect to a wifi a check mark pops up at my left and it wont connect to it and tried resetting everything and it still wont

  • Talha Baig

    My iPhone 4S was dropping signal of wifi not connecting so I reset my iPhone and the wifi button greyed out I upgraded it to latest ios 8.4 but still greyed out I put in freezer , under a lamp, heat it with a dryer still wifi button greyed out and Bluetooth spinning wheel please help me

  • Ethan Hebert

    my iphone 3gs wont connect to wifi keeps telling me to log in to and has a bunch of random words everything else connects just not my iphone 3gs how do i fix it
    its a white pop up and says: SuccessSuccess
    its annoying someone help

  • Kalina

    I reset my network connection, tried turning my phone off. It shows it’s connected to my wifi, but never loads anything from the Internet or any app that requires Internet. My bills are current and the phone works when connected to other wifi signals and LTE. I have an iPhone 5c with all software up to date.

  • theresa

    i have an iphone4 and the wife i not working at all it wont even pick up a wifi connection

  • sulaman

    I have Iphone 4 s Geve, it doesnot show any wifi networks after updated to the new version, internet works on mobile network but when i on the wifi it doesn’t shows any network while my router is on. Please Help. Thanks

  • Rochelle Hamilton

    I just want to let people know about an issue I had after this NEW 9.1 update with wifi and how I got it fixed hopefully it will save people a little trouble. I could not connect to my wifi after updating as it kept telling me my password was incorrect. However I tried reconnecting on my laptop to be sure I had the correct password and that it wasn’t my router or something and it worked just fine. I reset network settings on my phone and still had this issue. I called apple support and what we did to fix it was doing a back up and restore using my itunes here on my laptop. He said by doing updates just using wifi on my phone and not hooked up to the computer there could be connection issues that may not allow the update to work properly. So we restored my phone and then reset network setting again and I am back on wifi finally. YAY haha anyway I just thought I would share in case others having the same problem and run into this issue.

  • sean

    after my iphone 4s wifi greyed out, i decided to update and restore on itunes using an internet modem. After the update, my phone keeps showing connect to itunes, each time i connect to itunes, it keeps showing on my laptop that “your phone has a problem and cannot connect. Pleas help. I was also told that my phone is not coming on because the wi fi greyed out and it is needed to be on for my phone to come on.

  • Thanks the network reset for worked me……

  • Veronica Yepiz

    I resolved it through my router. It apparently had a restricted filter on the phones ip address.

  • Percie

    I have an iPhone 4 and as soon as I connect to the wifi, it disconnects. This doesn’t happen to any other devices in the house. I’ve tried some of the steps but I still doesn’t work.

    • Jake H

      The exact same thing happens to me

  • Hi Jessica! I am sorry you’ve come across this frustrating issue. I’d advise you to address Apple Support Center, as the problem can be with the device itself. They are the ones who can help you to fix this.

  • Alexandre alves (iphone giveaw
  • meena

    i have got the problem that iphone is not catching signals even if i am close to the router .and the connection drops as soon as i move away even in the next room …
    please tell me the solution

    • Hello, this problem is not related to any of CopyTrans programs. It is either in your iPhone or in the router. So the best would be to refer to the service provider or to the nearest Genius Bar.

    • Hello, this problem is not related to CopyTrans. It’s either in your iPhone or in the router. So the best would be to refer to the nearest Genius Bar or your service provider to get some help.

  • soosai

    I have the problem of wifi simble is not shown in my I phone why?

    • Marika CopyTrans

      hey soosai, I think that’s the question you might want to ask Apple Support.

  • Scar

    “Wi-Fi Address” field under Settings General > About is missing or displaying “N/A”

    that wifi address shows it just wont work

    • Right. It’s the reason why iPhone WiFi doesn’t work.

  • Mamuka Kvicaridze

    hi there , i have this problem too , i already fix that i pay to this and my iphone 4s have broken wifi im fix this more time and not working,some times mi wifi button is greyed and please help me someone

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hello Mamuka, if none of the solutions mentioned in the article helped, then it’s better to contact your nearest Apple store.

  • Angel Ridad

    for the very long time searching on google… thank you very much for this tape!!! i done everything especially the heating and cooling process in hairdryer still not working and the only thing i did not do is putting it in the fridge (without heating the device) at least 30 minutes, then poof my wifi is back but then i turn the bluetooth on and the bluetooth back to its state (the load sign) then i reset the network setting and grayed wifi came back, i decided to put it in the fridge the second time at least 20 minutes then the wifi is back again…. this time i will never turn off my iphone again or turn the bluetooth on because i know the wifi will be missing again… right now it works great!!! 🙂

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Thanks for sharing your story Angel. Glad it worked, even though the solution was a bit weird 🙂

  • saroj karki

    lately i upgraded my iphone 6s ios to 11.1 version, since then i am facing the connection issue when i turn on the wifi it works for few second then it stops working. then i have to turn it off and on again whereas as other phone are running smoothly in the same network.

  • UserPlayz

    Well just some info that might help you out,
    So if your phone (latest phone or ios) is connected to yor private wifi and the wifi symbol pops up and after a few seconds just disapears and you have no acess to the internet although you are connected to your wifi with the proper password, just try rebooting your phone or turning on/off your wifi or try forget network. If none works just go to settings and look for Reset Network problems. If still nothing happens just go to apple support.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Thanks for the tips 🙂