CopyTrans doesn't support Windows XP

CopyTrans is dropping Windows XP support

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Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows XP in 2014. 5 years later, CopyTrans stops providing support for Windows XP as well.

In the table below you can find which versions of CopyTrans software support Windows XP.

Program XP compatible Version
CopyTrans Contacts v1.806
CopyTrans Photo v4.206
CopyTrans v5.531
CopyTrans TuneSwift v2.604
CopyTrans Manager v1.200
CopyTrans Shelbee v2.007
CopyTrans Apps v1.066*
CopyTrans Cloudly v2.005

* The latest version of CopyTrans Apps compatible with Windows XP can be downloaded from this link.

If you have a newer version of the program installed, you can downgrade it.

To install a previous version of our products, please click the cogwheel symbol next to the product name and under “Old versions”, choose the version you wish to install.

downgrade options in copytrans control center window

If you have purchased a license in our online store and can not activate the older version with the activation code received, please contact us at or click here to send an email right away. We are here to help.

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