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6 genius apps that should already exist

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So we recently started brainstorming new apps. Naturally, some of them were insane – during one brainstorming session, an app for goats was mentioned. Some of them were pretty good though, we thought. But then we looked at our team, looked at our capabilities, and had to nix some ideas. Anyway, we decided not to be greedy and instead, share the ideas for apps we had. Maybe one of you will become the next app millionaire with one of these fabulous, fabulous ideas for apps that really should exist.

1. An app that deletes everything you do on your phone while it’s active

  • All right so say you’ve gotta be sneaky – maybe you’re talking to your bros about a stag party, maybe you’re doing more nefarious things – not up to us to judge. This app would delete every single thing you do on your phone while it’s active. Think about it like SnapChat but for everything. Facebook popping up a search you don’t want remembered? Poof! Gone! A google translate search for how to say, “Please return my underwear, I didn’t mean to offend you” in Albanian? Gone! No more regrets!

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2. Profile doubler for iPhone

  • The idea here is that you have two unique passcodes, one of which unlocks a wholesome iPhone profile – you know the type, one with a picture of your dog as the background that has DuoLingo installed because of course you’re learning Spanish to speak to the nice Mexican neighbors who just moved in. The other passcode unlocks a profile full of whatever you want to hide – maybe you’re secretly a foreign agent working to undermine domestic corn production and your phone is full of notes and texts about your corn-sabotage operation. Or you know, maybe you just flood your secret profile with adult-themed apps, but that’s so lame compared to corn sabotage.

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3. An app that auto-fast-forwards to the important part of movies

  • We live in a busy, fast-paced world. Who has time to sit down and watch the whole Godfather trilogy both Godfather movies? (We don’t speak of the last one). This app would be crowd-sourced and would skip the slow-boil moments to just show you the important parts so at the next party, you could seem cultured without actually having to go through the effort of watching everything you were talking about. This was also known as the “I’m an NYU freshman” app.

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4. Parental control app

  • We know what this sounds like, but hear us out. This is the opposite of what you expect: it keeps your parents from messing with their computer. Next time you go over to your parents’ for one of the visits your mother insists come far too seldom, when she asks you to remind her how to attach a document to an email, you secretly install this application. It will work in the background and keep your parents from touching things they shouldn’t touch. Settings? Oh no, Karen, you’re 68 – keep your hands off that VPN button. You select a few things you’ll let your parents touch, and then the late-night tech support calls will, if not cease, at least abate slightly.

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5. Random Amazon purchase app

  • Sort of like treat-yo’-self, but with some randomness thrown in. You set your price range and then limit the categories in which you want the app to look – we gotta keep the randomness down at least slightly. I mean, I doubt this would be a success if one day, you found a package of manure on your doorstep (which they really do sell on Amazon). Anyway, you set your price, time period, and categories in which to buy things. Want a random present every week for $10? This app can do it. Maybe something more interesting? $300 every month? You, sir or madam, will have something interesting waiting for you every month. Maybe a garden gnome, maybe a Beetleborg, maybe a 40-pack of Bagel Bites – the possibilities are endless!

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6. A running app that only plays music while you’re running

  • You want your run to be pleasant, you want to listen to some Benny Benassi & the Biz while running? Well then friend, you better be running. This app will track you, make sure you keep up the pace, and just auto-pause when you decide to give up. Think of it as just a little extra motivational boost to get in shape.

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But what do you guys think? Best idea? Worst idea? Let us know in comments!

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