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CopyTrans transfers songs from iPod, iPad & iPhone to PC or iTunes

A simple, one-click method to fill your iTunes library with your iPhone content, or import music to your PC. Copy iPhone songs, vids, apps, playlists etc. and import them into any iTunes library.

You can restore your iTunes library from an iPhone, iPod or iPad. If your computer has crashed, been stolen or must be formatted, don't worry about your music, because you can have it back.

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CopyTrans Contacts

CopyTrans Contacts edits and manages your iPhone contacts

A quick solution to back up and organize your iPhone Contacts. Add or edit contacts, group friends on your iPhone, straight from your PC. Forget lengthy backups and see results instantly.

If your address book is valuable to you, you should take care of it - keep it safe and clean, save it on an external unit (clouds aren't that safe at all) and update it regularly.

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CopyTrans Photo

CopyTrans Photo transfers photos from PC to iPhone

An easy way to import and export photos from your iPhone, iPod, iPad to your PC and vice versa, organize, classify, and store your favorite memories in albums.

Keep your holiday pics organized, and make a quick selection you can put back into your iPhone, to show to your family and friends. Prepare screenshots for presentations, client meetings etc.

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CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager the free iTunes alternative

The perfect replacement to iTunes allows you to add, edit and delete music, videos, apps, playlists, to any iPhone, from a PC. No need to authorize the computer, no need to fear for your content.

This little program adds content to your iPhone, iPod or iPad, lightly, without tedious synchronizations. Manage the content of your iPhone, iPod or iPad and/or play your music from any PC.

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CopyTrans TuneSwift

CopyTrans TuneSwift transfers and saves iTunes libraries

The perfect tool to backup, move, save and restore heavy iTunes libraries. Move your iTunes library from a PC to another, including your iPhone/iPod/iPad backups.

You don't really understand how it works but you want to keep it organized, and if possible with the playlists? Well, it's absolutely safe and we will guide you throughout the move.

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