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Transfer iPod to iTunes & PC
Copy iPhone to iTunes Library

  • Transfer iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod to PC
  • Copy iPod artwork, playlists, ratings, play counts
  • Import iPod videos, movies, TV shows to iTunes
  • Back up iPhone songs, videos, apps, artwork
  • Transfer music from iPod to computer
  • Restore iTunes library from iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • iPod Touch backup including music, videos, apps
  • Copy iPod to iTunes with only one single click
  • Back up all iPods, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad!

The All-in-One solution for iPhone contacts, calendars and more

CopyTrans Contacts gives you full control over your iPhone and iPad contacts, calendars, messages, notes and bookmarks.

  • Manage and save iPhone contacts
  • Back up iPhone messages to PC
  • Edit, export and import iPhone calendar
  • Copy and manage iPod Touch notes from PC
  • Organize and export iPhone bookmarks
  • Transfer iPhone contacts to Outlook, Android etc.
  • CopyTrans Contacts for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

The efficient app to transfer photos from and to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and PC

CopyTrans Photo is a simple solution to transfer and manage pics between iPhone, iPad and PC.

  • Transfer iPhone and iPad photos to PC
  • Copy photos from PC to iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Create and edit iPad photo albums
  • Organize pictures in iPad and iPhone photo albums
  • Share your iPhone and iPad pics in PC slideshows
  • Easily transfer iPhone pictures through Drag and Drop
  • CopyTrans Photo for iPhone, iPad and iPod!

The free iTunes alternative for iPhone, iPad and iPod

CopyTrans Manager is the free iTunes alternative to easily manage iPhone, iPad and iPod without iTunes

  • Copy music, apps and more from PC to iPhone
  • Create, edit and manage iPod playlists
  • Delete iPhone songs, videos, apps, ringtones etc.
  • Edit ID3 Tags like artist, ratings and many more
  • Search and add missing iPhone album art
  • Play iPad music and videos with the integrated player
  • CopyTrans Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod!

iTunes backup and transfer made easy

CopyTrans TuneSwift is the easy way to save, restore and transfer iTunes, or to copy iTunes from PC to PC and from PC to Mac.

  • Transfer iTunes from PC to PC and from PC to Mac
  • Perform full iTunes library backups on your PC
  • Save incremental iTunes backup files
  • Move the entire iTunes library to external drives
  • Restore the iTunes library to PC or Mac
  • Save iTunes including iOS backup files
  • CopyTrans TuneSwift for your iTunes library!

Plug & Play

Download, install and off you go! Safe, fast and easy-to-use apps.

Easily back up your music

Get CopyTrans to copy music, videos and more back to iTunes.

One place for all contacts

Manage and save your contacts, calendars, notes etc on your PC.

Easy picture transfer

Copy pics from and to iPhone & PC. 3 clicks and you are all set.

The free iTunes Alternative

No need to be a rocket scientist! Managing iDevices is that easy.

Full iTunes library backups

Get CopyTrans TuneSwift to fully back up your iTunes library.

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