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This guide explains how to install the CopyTrans programs. You can either watch the 45″ YouTube video at the bottom of this article or follow the written guide.

Let’s install the CopyTrans programs

  1. Start by downloading the CopyTrans Control Center Installer

  2. Run the installer
    run copytrans suite installer

  3. If the following message shows up, click “Run”
    windows security popup

  4. Check the box to confirm that you accept the license agreement and click on “Install” when you are ready to install
    accept copytrans license agreement

  5. The installer needs an internet connection. Click “Test connection” test copytrans control center internet connection

  6. If prompted authorize internet access copytrans firewall warning

  7. If you access the Internet through a proxy (typically in a work environment), click here

  8. CopyTrans Control Center opens and lists all CopyTrans programs. Mouse-over the program of your choice and click “Install” copytrans control center main window on first run

  9. Once installed, mouse-over the app entry and click “Start” to run the program program installation from within copytrans control center

YouTube video tutorial

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