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This article briefly explains how to transfer your iPhone music and videos to your new Windows 8 computer via using CopyTrans.

There are two ways to backup and transfer your iPhone music tracks to Windows 8.

  • A. By performing a Smart backup of your iPhone to Windows 8 via CopyTrans. This will compare the contents of your iTunes library on your Windows 8 computer with the contents of your iPhone. Your iPhone songs, videos, playlists, and apps will then be automatically transferred to your iTunes library without creating duplicates. iphone contacts sort order

  • B. By performing a Manual backup of your iPhone to Windows 8 via CopyTrans. This allows you to transfer your iPhone music, videos, playlists, and apps to a selected folder on your new Windows 8 PC. The Manual CopyTrans backup also allows you to transfer tracks, playlists, and apps of your choice from your iPhone to your new PC’s iTunes library. iphone contacts sort order

  • Transferring iPhone music to Windows 8: YouTube video tutorial

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