The All-in-One solution for your iPad Photos

CopyTrans Photo is a simple solution to transfer and manage pics between iPhone, iPad and PC.


Transfer photos and albums between iPhone, iPad and PC

CopyTrans Photo offers you an easy two-way transfer of pictures and albums between iOS devices and the computer. A simple drag and drop gesture is enough to transfer your pictures and photo albums from your PC to your iPhone and from your iOS device back to your computer.

View your iPhone and PC pictures in one interface and simply drag and drop them from one side to the other. Apply the changes and you are all set. iPhone picture transfer made easy!

Manage iPhone and iPad photo albums

There are a lot of photos on your iPad and it is not always easy to find the one you are looking for? With CopyTrans Photo you are able to create iPad and iPhone photo albums and to organize your pictures in no time.

Use drag and drop to sort and organize your pictures within albums and to copy pictures from one album to the other. With CopyTrans Photo you have got your personal iPhone photo albums on your iOS device in your pocket. Show your pictures to clients or friends in using the CopyTrans Photo slideshow feature.

iPad and iPhone pictures backup

On your iPad or iPhone you have got precious snapshots of special moments that you don't want to lose? Wit CopyTrans Photo you can easily keep a backup of your iPhone photos on your computer or an external drive.

Click the "Full Backup" button and all your iOS device pictures will be backed up to the folder of your choice. Drag and drop individual iPhone pictures or photo albums to keep them save.

What people say about CopyTrans Photo

This is what I've been waiting for ever since I purchased an iPad. I transferred all my photos off my laptop, and put them onto a seperate hard drive, to free up space. Then I always had the problem of adding more photos to the iPad, without the sync, removing them all. Also, I had a lot of duplicates, which you can't edit/remove via the iPad. UNTIL NOW!!!!! This programme lets me edit/remove/create folders and add photos straight to the iPad. Fantastic.

My knowledge of computer/iPad use and transfer of data is very limited. The CopyTrans Photo program was a terrific help and prevented me losing all my important and un-replaceable photo albums. Many thanks for this great product.

This product was slick! It did what iTunes would not do: it gave me control of MY photos on MY iPad. My Windows PC crashed, and this was a great solution for sending my photos from my iPad to my new PC.

  • Compatibility

    CopyTrans Photo supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models and was designed for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

    Supported file formats: JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, TGA and PCX.

  • Safety and Security

    CopyTrans Photo is renowned as a secure and stable application that is, like all other CopyTrans programs, free from ad, spy or malware.

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