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The iPhone apps and documents manager.

Manage iOS apps, app documents and settings

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It’s all about your apps.

CopyTrans Apps is a simple solution to effortlessly backup and restore iPhone apps, settings and documents. You can add documents to apps and transfer iPhone games with scores and progress to any device. Installing iOS apps on iPhone and iPad with CopyTrans Apps takes only two clicks and does not require iTunes.

Power up your iPhone apps.

Important information for users of iOS 8.3 or higher →

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Simple app backup and restore

Simple app backup and restore

Back up iPhone apps complete with preferences and documents. Restore apps to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Saving selected iPhone apps is as easy as backing up all at once.

Your apps, safe and dry.

Install apps on any iPhone

Install apps on any iPhone

Installing apps to iPhone and iPad with CopyTrans Apps is as simple as a drag and drop. Add apps to iPhone complete with settings and documents. Deleting one or multiple apps from iPhone is fast and easy too. Play it simple.

Manage app documents with ease

Simple and secure app files management.

Drag and drop documents

Quickly add documents in any format to relevant iPhone apps including Word, Excel, PDF, as well as pictures and videos.

iPhone as a USB stick

Easily edit or delete app documents and use your iPhone as a true flash drive to transfer files between PCs.

Transfer games with progress and scores

Transfer your favorite iPhone games complete with progress and scores to any device. Play by your own rules.

Transfer games with progress and scores
Apps from iPhone to iPad

Apps from iPhone to iPad

Transfer apps, app settings and documents to other iOS devices. Install iPhone apps like WhatsApp on iPad without restrictions and complete with chat history.

Download CopyTrans Apps Beta for free

While keeping things safe and simple, we are working on making CopyTrans Apps the most comprehensive iOS app management tool out there. We invite you to download and enjoy CopyTrans Apps completely for free.

Compatibility: CopyTrans Apps supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models and was designed for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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