WindSolutions was founded in 2004 by and for people who are passionate about music.

Who We Are

Our team is a wild mix of creativity, nerditude, hard work, sleepless nights, great laughs, good food, music, and... coffee

WindSolutions team

WindSolutions is a small-scaled company, based in Switzerland. We enjoy creating easy solutions for the daily use of complex technology. Back in 2004, during a windsurf trip, our first product, CopyTrans, started out of curiosity and quickly became a leading solution for iPods.

Despite the fast-paced development Apple imposed on its hardware and software, our team clung on, and continued developing new solutions for iPod, then for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Our idea: make the impossible become possible and smooth over the daily use of complex technology.
Our vision: offer a plurality of choices instead of a single method, embody a reliable alternative.
Our objective: enable people to overcome frustrations when using Apple devices in a PC environment. Allow people to regain access over their data and to manage them exactly as they wish.

Where To Find Us

Located in a picturesque village just a 6 minutes train ride from Lausanne at Lake Geneva and not far from steep Swiss mountain slopes we produce our fresh programs.


Contact Us

WindSolutions Ltd
Rte de la Conversion 271
1093 La Conversion

+41 21 791 52 39

Clients: Our contact email is copytrans@copytrans.net.

For press requests, please visit our Press Room.

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