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New Application Finally Delivers Complete and Easy Control of Mobile Contacts from the PC.

Lausanne, SWITZERLAND, September 25, 2012 - WindSolutions, the worldwide leader in iOS management applications for the PC, today announced the launch of CopyTrans Contacts, the best solution for easily managing your iPhone, iPod and iPad contacts without iTunes. CopyTrans Contacts frees people to import, export, edit and save their iOS device contacts through their PC, finally enabling simple and total control of their critical mobile information.

Clean Up and Organize Your Address Book

In a highly competitive app and software market, CopyTrans Contacts is the simple and efficient way to manage and organize contacts from an iOS device(s) offline and without the need for iTunes. The one-time download quickly takes charge of the device address book, enabling users to save, organize, and edit their contacts. They can also assign contact photos and overall more easily manage their address book, better navigate with personalized relationship groupings, and then save it across different email clients and services - all on the large and more comfortable user interface of their PC.

Whether it's a single address book or multiple address books across different email clients, CopyTrans Contacts is the single destination for contact management that's reliable, fast and secure. With three simple clicks, users can add, copy or save a new or updated contact to PC or iOS device. The clean design and seamless interaction with the PC interface gives users complete control over their data, including storage and access. Additionally, CopyTrans Contacts allows users to move all their iPhone contacts to any Android device,thus ensuring users can take their contacts from one device to the next.

Stay Grounded and Out of the Cloud with the Easy Solution

Safe and reliable, CopyTrans Contacts eliminates the need for a cloud connection by providing instant download of your iPhone contacts to your computer. Not only can users edit, add or remove contacts from their address book but the one-click back-up ensures your contacts are safely stored on your computer and not online. Your highly important contacts belong to you and there is no easier way to keep them secure.

Constant feedback from the CopyTrans community has allowed the WindSolutions team to be able to react quickly to users' feedback to shape CopyTrans Contacts into the ideal seamless experience for contact management. With the final version now available for download, CopyTrans Contacts' enhanced interface has already led to strong adoption and positive feedback from beta users.

CopyTrans Contacts is available in 23 languages for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Click on the button below for more information or to download

Download CopyTrans Contacts

About WindSolutions

WindSolutions, a Lausanne-based company founded in 2004, is the worldwide leader in iOS management applications for the PC. CopyTrans Contacts is the latest addition to the CopyTrans Suite, a series of the leading PC managing software for iOS devices. The CopyTrans Suite enables management of all sorts of media content, from Apps to Podcasts, all without using iTunes.

At WindSolutions, there's a team always working hard to simplify the daily use of complex technology.

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