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CopyTrans Shelbee backups contain the same iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch content as regular iOS backups made by iTunes or iCloud. including iPhone contacts, messages, calendars, camera roll photos and videos, notes, iPhone settings and apps documents*. Click here to find out what a CopyTrans Shelbee backup includes.

CopyTrans Shelbee will not yet back up, nor restore the following:

*With iOS 9 and 10, Apple scrapped the functionality to back up apps. Now if you wish to restore your documents backed up with CopyTrans Shelbee, download the respective applications from the App Store. As soon as the apps are installed, all your documents will be restored automatically.

Photos and videos

To backup iPhone photos and videos outside of the Camera Roll we advise you to use CopyTrans Photo.Manage your photos with CopyTrans Photo

Music files

To back up music, videos and playlists from iPhone to PC, use CopyTrans. For the other way round: to add music and videos from PC to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch use the free CopyTrans Manager. Back up your iPhone music to PC with CopyTrans

For a list of all the data contained within regular iOS backups please refer to this Apple-provided article.

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