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CopyTrans Shelbee notifications are designed to improve your program experience and help you back up iPhone on a regular basis. You can enable or disable notifications at any time from within the main program window by clicking on the Options button in the top right and selecting “Notifications”.
Notifications menu in Shelbee main menu

Two types of notifications

  • Upon completion of backup or restore. If you wish to be notified once backup or restore are completed, check the box next to “Notify me once backup or restore completes”. How to enable Shelbee backup or restore notifications

    When the option is checked, CopyTrans Shelbee displays a notification window in the lower right corner of the PC screen upon successful backup or restore.Backup completed notification

  • iPhone backup reminder. Backup reminders are useful for keeping your iPhone backed up regularly. You can easily set up a backup reminder by checking the box next to “Remind me to back up my device on”. Next, choose the weekly interval, day and hour when to be reminded. How to enable Shelbee backup reminders

    A notification window reminding you to back up the device will appear at the specified time in the lower right corner of the PC screen.Notification in CopyTrans Shelbee saying that it's time to back up

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