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There are a number of reasons for iPhone backup validation in CopyTrans Shelbee to fail:

  • The iPhone malfunctioned. To fix that, please restart the device.
  • The drive where you are trying to save the backup is corrupted. Please check the drive for errors.
  • The RAM memory of your PC is corrupted. Please check the computer memory for errors.
  • Communication between CopyTrans Shelbee and the iDevice may be malfunctioning. Please make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is fully recognized by your computer.
  • Communication between CopyTrans Shelbee and the destination drive may be malfunctioning. If you are saving the iPhone backup to an external drive, please check whether the USB cable is well plugged and that the USB slot is fully operational. Check your network and firewall settings if you are backing up to a network (NAS) drive.
  • If all fails, please contact CopyTrans support.
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