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I purchased CopyTrans apps less than two years ago

If you purchased CopyTrans license less than two years ago, your activation codes are still valid and you can benefit from using the latest version of the program. Refer to this article to learn how to reactivate.

In case you have lost your activation code you can restore it on this page. An email with your activation details will land into your inbox within 5 minutes.

If you have not received it, please refer to this article.
To activate the program follow these guidelines.

I purchased CopyTrans apps more than two years ago

If your two years of updates has you can either upgrade or stay on the previous version

The above error message means that your CopyTrans license is still valid (since it’s a lifetime license) but your two-year period of updates has expired. Now you can repurchase the codes or continue using the previous version.

  • If you choose to update, just repurchase the program.

  • If you prefer to keep using the older version, downgrade.

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Carina is part of team CopyTrans since 2008 and is always happy to share her passion for web marketing, graphic design & social media. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically dives each day into the depths of the Internet searching for new cool stuff to be shared with you and her team.