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Starting from 1 December 2020, CopyTrans Apps will no longer be available for download and will not receive any further updates. It will also disappear from CopyTrans Control Center, where it will be replaced by our next‑generation product, CopyTrans Filey.

We encourage you to embrace the change and check out CopyTrans Filey!

For more info, read the article about end of support for CopyTrans Apps.

You may be a power iOS user looking for something in line with a traditional file browser that allows you to add, remove or explore files, folders, documents and media stored deep within iPhone or iPad apps. This guide shows how to safely go around restrictions and use CopyTrans Apps advanced file browser to access files and folders contained in iPhone apps which are not otherwise made available.

Browse iPhone app files and folders

  1. Download the free CopyTrans Apps on your PC Download CopyTrans Apps

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Apps, please refer to this article

  3. Run CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the USB cable. All the installed iPhone apps load on the left of the window copytrans loading iphone apps

  4. Choose the app whose file and folder contents you wish to explore select iphone app in copytrans apps main window

  5. To reveal the selected app’s directory structure, click “Advanced file browser” on the right-hand side of the main window advanced file browser in copytrans apps

  6. You can now browse through the app files and folders in a similar fashion to a traditional file browser ios app directory tree in copytrans file browser

    Use the Arrow and Home buttons on top to navigate through the iPhone app file system. navigation buttons in copytrans apps

    Save iPhone app files of your choice to the PC by clicking on the Floppy Disk symbol or on the “Save documents” button below. save app documents with copytrans apps

    Add files and folders from the PC to the iPhone app via drag and drop. drag and drop folder from pc to copytrans apps main window


  • You should put due care while operating with the CopyTrans Apps advanced file browser and must use the feature at your responsibility

  • Refrain from modifying files and folders with CopyTrans Apps advanced file browser without knowing what you are doing as this could render the iPhone app you are modifying unusable

  • Most iOS apps share analogous directory structures featuring folders such as one ending in *.app and others called “Library” and “Documents”

  • The *.app folder contains all the critical iOS app files. Apple has made this folder read-only. The contents of the rest of the iOS app folders are modifiable

  • We advise you to always keep a safe backup on your PC of the original iPhone apps: How to backup and restore iOS apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

This is how to use CopyTrans Apps advanced file browser to explore system files and folders stored in iPhone apps.

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