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The videos you shoot on your iPhone are located in the Camera Roll and are saved in MOV format. There is no native method to transfer MOV files to a new iPhone and syncing the videos via iCloud Photo Library quickly eats up the 5 GB of free storage that Apple offers.

Follow these steps for an easy alternative method to transfer videos from an old iPhone to your new iPhone or iPad.

First, copy the old iPhone videos to PC

  1. Download CopyTrans from the page below: Download CopyTrans now

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans, please refer to this article.

  3. Start CopyTrans and connect the old iPhone to your PC. CopyTrans lists the songs, videos and playlists on the iPhone. main copytrans program window

  4. Choose “Manual backup” from the top and select the “Camera roll” under the “Playlists” pane. This displays all the videos you shot on the iPhone. view iphone videos

  5. Select the videos you wish to transfer by checking the box next to each entry; to select all videos at once, check the box on top of the video list. Click the “Folder” button on top. folder backup button in copytrans

  6. Choose the PC folder where to copy the videos by clicking the Blue Pencil symbol. Next, click “Start backup”. start copytrans backup button

  7. The videos are being copied to the PC. backup in progress

  8. When the transfer is finished, click “Finish”. finish copytrans backup

The videos are located in the PC folder of your choice as individual MOV files. iphone mov videos in windows explorer

Next, transfer the videos on the new iPhone

Unless the MOV files are located in the Camera Roll, the iPhone or iPad cannot play them. Unfortunately, you cannot add videos to the Camera Roll of the new iPhone unless you shoot the videos on that device.

There is an easy workaround: simply transfer the videos to a third-party free iPhone video player app. For the purpose we use the free VLC for iOS. vlc for ios on ipad home screen

  1. Get VLC for iOS to the new iPhone or iPad.

  2. On the PC, download CopyTrans Apps from the following page: Download CopyTrans Apps

  3. Start CopyTrans Apps and connect the new iPhone or iPad. The program lists all installed iOS apps including VLC. main copytrans apps window

  4. Select the VLC app and drag-n-drop the video files from the PC folder to the right-hand side of the open CopyTrans Apps window. drag and drop videos to ipad

  5. The videos are added to the new iOS device. Open VLC for iOS on the device to see your videos. ipad videos in vlc

This is how to transfer videos form old iPhone to new iPhone or iPad.

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