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This quick guide demonstrates how easy it is to transfer iPhone contacts to HTC One. If you are ready to make the switch from iPhone to Android and to transfer your old iPhone contacts to a brand new HTC One, follow the steps below. This method of contact transfer works with all iPhone models and preserves the complete contact data such as contact names, phone numbers, contact pictures, company info, etc.

iphone contacts to htc one android

Transferring old iPhone contacts to computer

First you need to transfer the old iPhone contacts to your computer. To do so:

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page:
    Transfer iPhone contacts to HTC One

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Contacts, please refer to this article

  3. Run CopyTrans Contacts and connect the iPhone to the computer. Once the program finishes loading the iPhone data, it will list the iPhone contacts copytrans contacts displaying iphone contacts

  4. Select the iPhone contacts you wish to transfer to HTC One. You can select all contacts by checking the box next to “Contacts”. Click “Export selected” export iphone contacts to import to htc one

  5. Next, select the format in which to save the iPhone contacts. Since we are transferring contacts to Android, click “Android (multiple .vcf)” export window iphone contacts to android

  6. Choose the location on the computer where to temporarily save the old iPhone contacts. It is not important where you save the contacts. If unsure, select the PC Desktop iphone contacts transfer location select

  7. The selected iPhone contacts now reside in the chosen folder on your PC, saved into multiple VCF files. You are now ready to import the contacts to HTC One saved iphone contacts ready to transfer

Importing iPhone contacts from computer to HTC One

  1. Connect HTC One to the PC. After the PC recognizes the phone, the device will appear as a new portable drive htc one phone connected to pc

  2. Drag and drop the folder where you saved the iPhone contacts to the HTC One storage called “Internal storage” htc one phone connected to pc

  3. On the HTC One, tap the “People” app to enter into the phone’s contacts area htc one contacts in people app

  4. Tap the menu button on top, next tap “Manage contacts” manage htc contacts menu

  5. Tap “Import/Export” contacts menu to import contacts to htc

  6. Next, tap “Import from phone storage” iphone contacts imported to android htc one from phone memory

  7. Select the account under which to save the contacts; in most cases the contacts are saved directly to the phone memory select htc account to save iphone contacts

  8. Finally, select “Import all vCard files”, tap OK and stand-by until HTC One imports all iPhone contacts htc one importing contacts from phone memory

  9. That’s it! The iPhone contacts have been successfully transferred to HTC One. iphone contacts transferred to htc one

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