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So, say you have your iPhone connected to CopyTrans Contacts and you’ve just received a hilarious message. Or you had an inspiration and created a new note on your iPhone. Maybe you’ve just added another contact or changed the existing one while having your device plugged in?
You want to back it up as well, but that means disconnecting the device and connecting it once again. What a hassle! That’s when these article comes in handy:

In this example, I added a new work fax number for Ailsa via my iPhone

add a new number to your contact on your iPhone

In order to refresh your iPhone data which appears within CopyTrans Contacts’ main window, simply press and hold the following keys on your keyboard while having the CopyTrans Contacts window in focus:


CopyTrans Contacts will now refresh your most recent iPhone contact database without you having to re-connect your iDevice to your PC.

CopyTrans will start refreshing

The program will display your iPhone contacts with the latest changes you made on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Your new added number will appear in CopyTrans Contacts

NOTE: the changes you make to your iPhone contacts directly from within CopyTrans Contacts will be displayed within the program’s main window. In this case, you do not need to use the refresh function.

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