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Say you’ve got this very confusing pop-up saying that the 2 years of updates that came with your purchase have now expired:

A pop up that says that your license has expired

But that can’t be right, since you bought yesterday/month ago/a year ago. Don’t panic – your activation codes are still valid and you are eligible for free updates till the end of your two-year period. For more information, read an article about CopyTrans license.

All you have to do for the software to work is reactivate it. This article will explain how to do so in 5 simple steps.

  1. Close the pop up window and open it again – go to More and then choose Activate.tap on more in the upper right corner and choose activate

  2. The pop up will be gone and you will see familiar setting – your full name, last name along with the activation code. Type your full name, last name and activation codes

  3. If you want to make sure that everything is correct, you can re-enter the code. We strongly recommend you copy and paste all the data straight from the invoice, including your first and last name.
    Your invoice contains the activation codes

  4. TIP: If you don’t have your invoice anymore, you can retrieve your activation codes from here:

    Get a copy of your activation details

  5. Tap on the Activate button and enjoy your full version of CopyTrans software. Click activate and enjoy your software

However, if it’s been more than 2 years, you have two options:

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